Mickie James Clarifies Her Bray Wyatt WWE Release Comments

A flurry of praise and support has poured in for Bray Wyatt on social media in the wake of his WWE release.

Former WWE superstar Mickie James, who has been outspoken on how WWE treats their released talent upon their exits, offered a reworked caption to WWE's traditional "future endeavors" tweet.

"I think what you meant to say was: 'Thank you so much for coming up with such an incredible gimmick (time & time again) one so cool & over, we really didn't know how to book it right," James wrote. "So we just gave it to someone else so we can still make ALL the money off of it & let you go."

James has since clarified her tweet, noting she meant no disrespect to Alexa Bliss, who is the "someone else" James was referring to when mentioning how WWE gave Wyatt's gimmick away.

"This isn't against Alexa. I love her," James wrote. "She's an incredible performer who is killing it in a role she was given. She always does. We as artists take every role we're given & turn it into gold. He, she, they both did that. Like it/not. Facts are facts. So sorry if that offends you."

James was heavily linked to Alexa Bliss for most of her latest run in WWE. The former WWE Women's Champion made her main roster return in January 2017 by helping Bliss retain her SmackDown Women's Title. The two would feud shortly after, and eventually squared off on pay-per-view at 2017's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs for the RAW Women's Title, where James was unsuccessful. Bliss and James' alliance would be rekindled in 2018 in the build-up to WrestleMania 34.

You can see both of James' tweets below: