MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone is now the new No. 1 Contender for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship after securing a victory over 39 other athletes in tonight’s MLW Battle Riot III. Hammerstone will now have the opportunity to face off for the main title, currently possessed by Jacob Fatu.

The match concluded with Hammerstone and his old arch-rival/CONTRA Unit’s own Mads Krügger in the ring. Hammerstone ducked a possible spike stabbing and used that same spike on Krügger. He then threw “The Black Hand of CONTRA” over with a big back body drop. As Krügger laid up against the ropes, Hammerstone seized the opportunity and sent Krügger crashing to the floor with a nasty clothesline for the overall victory.

Before MLW Fusion concluded its spring season, Hammerstone called his shot for a heavyweight title match against the Samoan Werewolf. Now, he’ll have the opportunity to do just that. Where and when Hammerstone will cash in his opportunity is uncertain. But for now, we know the Phoenix Powerhouse has sealed the deal and put himself in the driver seat towards possibly becoming a double champion.

Currently, Fatu holds the rank of the longest World Heavyweight Champion in history with a 749+ day reign. He won the title at Kings of Colosseum in 2019.

Hammerstone, on the other hand, is the inaugural National Openweight Champion. Like Fatu, he has held his title for nearly two years.