On the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman sat down with the recently released Gurv and Harv Sihra, known as The Bollywood Boyz. Harv and Gurz commented on their WWE releases this past Friday.

“I know that it sucks, but I’m excited, honestly, to see what you guys do because you have so much to offer the pro wrestling industry, just based on what we got to see of you in WWE,” Waltman expressed. “There’s a whole wide ass business, worldwide, ready for you guys. I’m excited to see what you guys bring to it.”

“I know, we’re excited too, and it’s funny because when we got both got the call, on our days off, we both train at the local gym here, at the local ring, and we literally both got the call that we were fired from our jobs as we were pulling up to training,” Gurv revealed. “And we looked at each other like, what a way to go. Here we are on our day off training, break a sweat, and we both lost our job. At first, we were both like, are we gonna practice? Are we gonna train? But we were like, f**k it. Let’s just keep going.”

“To your point Sean, losing your job sucks. Obviously, it sucks the wind out of you, but there was a sense of relief,” Harv admitted. “I don’t think we fully realized our potential. It’s one thing if you feel like you’ve had a run or you’ve gone after tag titles, I feel like we were on the cusp of it when we were down in 205. We were just staying ready, and I think we worked every week, maybe minus a couple of weeks, in the last year. We were ready, and that’s why there’s that relief. We’re like, okay, we haven’t fully realized that potential.

“There’s so many creative ideas as far as the schtick that we were doing, the whole Bollywood Boyz, you got an untapped market of over a billion people, and there’s so many video vignettes that we could have done,” Gurv noted. “And we were pitching, pitching, pitching, and we had patience like, it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen, but sure enough, it’ll happen outside the WWE. We’re excited. We’re damn stoked.”

Waltman, like many others, praised The Bollywood Boyz. They reacted to that praise and revealed a WWE Hall of Famer they recently got advice from.

“The thing is, I understand the frustration of showing up to work, ready to go, ready to contribute, ready to be a huge part of the show and then they got nothing for you,” Waltman said. “Every time I saw you guys, just the attitude. You had the positive attitude, and it was infectious.”

“We were always just maximizing the minutes that we got. No matter what it is, no matter what’s thrown our way, we’re gonna go out there, and you can’t stop talent from rising to the top,” Gurv expressed. “Three weeks ago, we were at the PC, just before TVs, we’re talking to Shawn Michaels, and Shawn was having a conversation with us.

“This is just him spitballing three weeks prior to all this happening. He said, ‘Sometimes, it’s okay to step away, go get better, or just go get over elsewhere and then make them realize, hey, you know what, you guys dropped the ball here.’ So that’s where we’re at. Now it’s time for us to really go shine and see what we got.”

“Honestly, when that phone call came, there was no regrets because we never stopped pitching, but you have to find that fine line of being annoying, and being creative and ready,” Harv pointed out. “And we knew that fine line. Every now and then, we’d be like, hey, what about this, or okay cool, we’re not booked, we’ll wrestle, which is huge.

“Not being booked is a big thing instead of showing up and just waiting around, and staying motivated, that’s something you have to work on because most people don’t realize in this job, it’s hard showing up and not doing anything. But you got to go to the gym. You got to have a good mental attitude. You got to stay in ring shape, but then you fly across country and you’re not wrestling, but you have to keep ready, and that’s so hard sometimes to keep doing it, but we did it.

“We told creative because they’re like, ‘Hey, because you guys fly from Vancouver, do you guys want to be brought in every week, regardless of whether you’re doing something or not?’ We’re like, ‘F**k yeah, bring us in, and we’ll fly in from Vancouver from one end of the continent to the next continent, just so we can just do a promo, do a vignette, getting booked last minute, just make the most of anything that we get,” Gurv explained. “And that’s the mindset we had for the five years we were down there.”

The Bollywood Boyz came back to 205 Live in October of last year. Harv discussed what their relationship with creative was like.

“The Bollywood Boyz characters have never been done in wrestling,” Harv pointed out. “If you think about gimmicks in wrestling, everything has kind of been done, but there’s never been two Indian actors on wrestling TV, never. We always felt that’s something just tailor made for WWE TV. We don’t feel bad because we pitched and pitched and pitched. It wasn’t like, change it up. We had ideas for days.”

It was reported that many 205 Live roster members were on higher contracts, which led to their releases. The Bollywood Boyz commented on that report.

“When we got the call, it was a kind of nowhere with NXT India potentially happening, or the India shows that are happening or just going so internationally,” Harv noted. “I felt our work was there, and we were very well liked from everybody and we’re proud of that. We got over with the locker room. So it has to be something that we didn’t really have control over.”

“Again, no regrets on our part because we showed up to work every week, every month, every year, just ready to go,” Gurv stated. “Shawn Michaels, during our time at the PC and just in the last year, we were always picking his brain.

“We were always talking to him, and one thing we told him just a few weeks ago was, ‘Man, we’re staying ready,’ and he was one of the guys that really helped step up our game in the last eight months as well. ‘Just from, hey, when that bell sounds, psychology wise, what we should be doing, and one of the last things I told him was, ‘Man, you guys hold all the dreams that we had as kids in the palm of your hands. We want to accomplish those dreams.’ It still stands true, but to his point, maybe step away for a bit, come back better than ever, and we’ll continue from there.”

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