The Bollywood Boyz Talk CM Punk And Daniel Bryan To AEW, Dream AEW Opponents

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri sat down with The Bollywood Boyz, Gurv Sihra and Harv Sihra. They spoke on their WWE release, and their current status.

"Just normal, to be honest. Even after the release, it's not like we sat around wondering what's next," Gurv said. "We already know what we're doing. Even when we got released, we were at training. We train everyday. We still go practice and keeping ready."

Harv admitted, "It's actually been kind of freeing. It's been relaxing and no stress. It's been five years going hard and prior to that, 13 years on the independents. This is the first time we're kind of just chilling, and it's kind of been nice to be with family and no pressure or stress. Whatever comes, it's gonna come, and it's actually been really, really nice.

"What's funny is that we were traveling and going to tapings throughout the entire pandemic, and now that things are starting to ease off a little bit, here we are sitting at home. Whereas during the pandemic, we were testing, and doing COVID testing, leaving Canada, entering the States, leaving the States, coming back to Canada. We were getting tested four times a week. It's more more relaxed now. We're on the up and up. Our dates (90-day non-compete) pretty firm."

The Bollywood Boyz also spoke on the recent rise of AEW. Harv noted how things have changed in 20 years.

"The buzz was online," Gurv stated. "We would see it on Twitter, and it was good for everybody."

"It's so important to have options," Harv pointed out. "Think back to when WCW folded, I could only imagine what those guys were going through. In the U.S., it wasn't what it is now. You can make a pretty good living getting out there and reestablishing yourself, but 25 years ago, when WCW folded, there was nothing, and that's scary. Now there's Impact, and AEW, and New Japan, and Pro Wrestling Tees and all these avenues for guys like us. This is our job. This is our livelihood. You can't just cross over to a different career at this point."

"This is all we know," Gurv noted.

The news of Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson and CM Punk heading to AEW has dominated the wrestling world. The Bollywood Boyz recalled their interactions with Bryan, and they gave their thoughts on Bryan and Punk in AEW.

"He [Bryan] was the general manager of SmackDown," Harv recalled. "Daniel, he did some indie stuff in Vancouver when we were just kind of breaking in. It was cool looking at it 10 years later, we're all there."

"He was brought in as a commentator too for the Cruiserweight Classic tournament," Gurv added. "[We had] No real interaction in ring, in regards to that, but he's always been cool with us."

"He wasn't cleared at that time, I believe," Harv said. "So that's why he was doing the general manager thing. [Bryan and Punk] are massive names, big superstars in the world of pro wrestling in any company. They would really get people going, 'Oh, what's going on here?' I think that'd be great for wrestling as a whole for all companies. If those two showed up, that would be huge."

"It's not like they're past their prime. They're in their prime," Gurv pointed out.

The Bollywood Boyz also discussed dream opponents. They pointed out the many relationships they have with others in the wresting world.

"We said this before, I think anything with, as far as AEW goes, FTR / Revival, we would love to get in with them," Gurv expressed. "You got The Young Bucks. We've always wanted to work with those guys. FTR because in NXT, we would always talk about it, but it never came and never happened. We were always on a different wavelength at the time. Our paths never crossed, but there's so many tag teams out there.

"It's cool when you look at wrestling companies right now, we have friends in all companies," Harv noted. "I remember sitting with [Mike] Bennett and talking to him, and he's in ROH, or ELP, he's in New Japan. I think he's still the IWGP Junior Tag Champ out there, and we literally came up through the ranks on the Canadian independents with him.

"Now we're like, 'Oh, this would be cool. This would be cool, and this would be cool,' but to my brother's point, yeah, FTR, we would always sit at the NXT show with them. We'd all say, 'We want to work with you guys,' and it just never happened. For us, we're excited. Wherever we go, no matter where, we got friends all over the place. We'd love to work you. Let's come in. It's pretty exciting in that sense."

The Bollywood Boyz full interview appeared on today's edition of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, which you can check out below. You can follow the Bollywood Boyz on Twitter @BollywoodBoyz and visit their official Pro Wrestling Tees store here.


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