The Mysterios Debut New Masks And Entrance At WWE Money In The Bank

Rey Mysterio and Dominik debuted a brand new entrance ahead their match against The Usos during Sunday's Money in the Bank kickoff show.

As reported earlier, a video wall showed The Mysterios walking into a blue portal and stepping out to the entrance ramp in the arena. Before entering the portal, they could be seen wearing black suits and standing in front of a backdrop of a Mesoamerican pyramid.


They also wore new masks before losing their SmackDown Tag Team Titles to The Usos. Dominik wore a similar mask during his entrance for the 6-man tag team match this past Friday on SmackDown.

You can see videos of The Mysterios' new entrance below.

The Usos won the match after Jimmy Uso rolled up Rey and then Jey Uso reinforced the pin from the apron by using his legs, which produced a three count. The Usos are now five-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions.