On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with ROH star World Famous CB. Hausman noted CB will be in action on ROH TV this week and CB hyped what fans can expect.

“I will be on ROH TV this week. I’m wrestling Flip Gordon in a traditional singles match, not a Pure rules match,” CB noted. “I haven’t wrestled Flip in a long time, but I liked the match a lot when we had it, and I think people are gonna really dig it. I highly encourage everyone to check it out. We have a bunch of great stuff in that episode as well.”

The news of CM Punk in talks with AEW has overtaken the wrestling world. There was also a report out this week that ROH were in talks with Punk back in January 2020. CB commented on that report and if he heard anything about Punk talking to ROH last year.

“I heard a rumor sometime around that time, but again, you hear rumors about CM Punk every other week, so I didn’t pay it any mind,” CB admitted. “Hearing it now, I don’t know how far the talks got. My guess is they probably didn’t get very far, but yeah I do remember hearing that rumor.”

ROH recently welcomed fans back at Best in the World. CB discussed ROH’s quarantine protocols and addressed those that believed ROH were “doing too much.”

“We got through it. Obviously, pandemic is still not fully over, but we we pushed through it. We kept everyone safe. I applaud Ring of Honor for taking the necessary precautions and being close to the athletic commission and working with the commission to make this happen. So many times, I would tell the wrestlers what protocol’s Ring of Honor had in place, and they’re like, ‘Oh, they’re doing too much. There’s no need for that.’ As far as I’m aware, we’re one of the only companies that didn’t have an outbreak.

“Other companies, I’m sure they’re taking precautions and things just kind of happen. Someone from another company was like, ‘Ring of Honor’s doing too much. They’re just trying to do it for publicity.’ They say they’re overdoing the protocol just to be like, ‘hey, look how safe we’re being,’ but we’re being safe. We didn’t have an outbreak. It worked.

“I’m glad Ring of Honor took those precautions and kept everyone safe, and now as things are kind of starting to slowly open up, we’re getting a little bit more leeway with the bubble and everything. It’s been great. I actually enjoyed the bubble experience. I kind of like being alone anyway. I was in the hotel and had my video games and my books and just kind of chilling out until it’s time to wrestle.”

World Famous CB can be seen this week on ROH TV battling Flip Gordon. For more information on how to watch please visit ROHWrestling.com. You can follow World Famous CB on Twitter @CheeseburgerROH.


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