With speculation surrounding Adam Cole’s future in wrestling swirling, the NXT star wants to make sure fans know one thing isn’t changing; his Twitch stream. On that very stream yesterday, Cole stressed to fans that regardless of what happens in the future, he will be continuing on Twitch.

“I love you all so much,” Cole said. “I wish so bad that I could just stream for a few more hours. But it makes me so happy to even stream for a little bit, and it’s why when I say, no matter what, there is a 0% chance that this channel is ever going away. I will never give this up. I love it with my whole entire heart and I love you guys. That’s how important you are to me, because you guys make me feel very important.

“There’s been a lot going on lately, and I just want to make sure everyone knows this is going nowhere. This is going absolutely nowhere.”

Last year WWE issued a ban on third party affiliates for main roster talent, which included the use of Twitch to make secondary income. The ban did not apply to NXT talent, leaving Cole unaffected. It is unclear if a move to the main roster would lead to Cole being banned from Twitch as well or if he could negotiate the ability to stay on the platform.

Cole’s WWE contract expired unexpectedly last month, and he agreed to a short term extension to wrap up his current storyline with Kyle O’Reilly. The two are scheduled to compete in a Three Stages of Hell match at NXT TakeOver 36 this Sunday. Cole has already met with Vince McMahon to discuss a new WWE deal, and is expected to draw interest from AEW and other promotions as well.