AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker retained her title against Red Velvet on last night’s Rampage. Wrestling in front of her hometown of Pittsburgh, Baker is currently dealing with a broken wrist, but is working through it.

Baker’s injury happened late last month against Nyla Rose during a Death Valley Driver spot near the end of the match, according to Fightful. She ended up working over four minutes with the injury as they didn’t shorten the match because of it.

Last night, Baker wore a black cast for a majority of her match against Red Velvet, although it was removed near the end by her opponent. Baker was eventually able to apply her finisher, Lock Jaw, on Velvet for the victory via submission. In addition to Rebel, Baker now has some backup in the form of a returning Jamie Hayter, who helped protect Baker from Kris Statlander after the match.

Afterwards, Baker wrote on social media, “#ANDSTILL With a broken freaking wrist.”

Some fans caught Baker’s nod to Adam Cole during last night’s match when she nailed Red Velvet with one of his signature moves (kneecap brainbuster).

After last night’s show, Cole wrote on Twitter, “#Brittsburgh.”