Brody King Hopes ROH Walks Through The "Forbidden Door"

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with ROH star Brody King. King is a mainstay on ROH as part of the VLNCE UNLTD stable, but he has also made appearances on NJPW Strong as well. King discussed if he would like to see more crossover between ROH and NJPW once the pandemic gets under control internationally.


"I hope so. I hope for complete crossover through all brands," King said. "I always say that I hate the term 'forbidden door' because we are in a fan service business and keeping Jon Moxley from wrestling Jay Lethal is doing a disservice for the fans. I would love to go to AEW and wrestle Miro, or Darby Allin or whoever they would have me wrestle, just to have this cross promotion. It's healthy for everybody. I got to wrestle The Good Brothers on New Japan Strong.

"You had this weird AEW, Impact, Ring of Honor and New Japan full crossover, which was really cool. I would love to see more of that. I would also love to see maybe Ring of Honor feuding with, I don't know, GCW, or PWG or these other bigger indie promotions. I feel like there's just so much money left on the table. Saying, 'Oh, we don't work with that person or that person,' it's like, who cares? Let the one big company, that we're not going to name, be that person that doesn't want to play with anyone and let the rest of us have a good time."


King made his PWG return on the first return show, PWG Mystery Vortex 7, where he wrestled JD Drake. At the end of the show, Demonic Flamita, Black Taurus and Super Dragon attacked PWG World Champion Bandido. King came in for the save as well as a returning Malakai Black (aka Tommy End). King commented on the moment he shared with Black at the end of Mystery Vortex 7.

"It's crazy because I feel like there's not a lot of surprises in pro wrestling anymore, and now Tommy has been the the main focus point of two of them, which is pretty awesome," King expressed. "That moment at PWG, it was insane. I was a fan in the crowd when Super Dragon had the lights out moment, and the crowd would go insane, and now I'm part of it, which is insane to say. And being able to have that moment with Tommy, it was just special.

"He's always been a really good friend of mine, and I told him the day of the show. About five years ago, I went to Florida when WrestleMania was there. I did an EVOLVE tryout, and I was sleeping on his couch and I think I had one WrestleMania weekend show. I got paid $5 to do, and I'm sleeping on Tommy's couch and he debuted at Takeover that day. Five years later, here we are preparing to do our thing together, so it was a really, really cool moment, like a full circle moment."


King and Black have been announced to tag together at Threemendous VI against Flamita and Taurus on Sep. 26. It was also recently reported that King was backstage at AEW, and Hausman asked if that was to see Black.

"I have a lot of friends that work there, and it was really good to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a couple years, especially since the pandemic," King noted.

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