In this week’s episode of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Charlotte Flair came on before her big SummerSlam match this past Saturday to talk about supporting her fiancé, current AEW and AAA star and former NXT Champion, Andrade El Idolo, in his career-defining match against Kenny Omega from TripleMania XXIX earlier this month. Despite not capturing the AAA Mega Championship from the “Best Bout Machine,” Andrade revealed the most jaw-dropping surprise before his match when he introduced Ric Flair as his cornerman during his match. This would be Flair’s first appearance post-WWE departure, another big shocking moment for WWE fans and spectators.

Before getting into the controversies that surrounded her following her appearance at the event, Charlotte talks about how she was the one who came up with the idea to have her father walk Andrade out to the ring.

“So, he [Andrade El Idolo] was like, ‘Mami, TripleManía is my WrestleMania.’ And to see him go back to Mexico, and like, be proud of himself, and feel confident in himself, and be the superstar that he is, especially in his home country, I was like, I’m not missing this for the world,” Charlotte Flair explained. “So, I actually took off two and a half months ago from live events. And if you know me, I haven’t asked off from a live event…Actually, I’ve never asked off for a live event.

“With my dad being gone, I asked my dad on Wednesday, ‘Hey, what are you doing this weekend?’ He’s like, ‘Nothing, honey, why?’ I’m like, ‘You wanna go to Mexico?’ He was like, ‘For what, Cancun? Don’t you have to work?’ I’m like, ‘No, dad, I’m not going to the beach!’ I said, ‘It’s Manny versus Kenny [Omega].’ He’s like, ‘Really? I’d love to watch it!’ I was like, ‘No, dad. Would you walk Manny to the ring?’ He’s like, ‘You want me to walk Manny to the ring?’ I was like, ‘Yes!’ He was like, ‘Oh, my God, yes, honey, please!’ He’s like, ‘What color is Manny wearing? I’ll get matching suits.’ My dad was able to get to Mexico. He wasn’t able to get his white suit in time, though.”

Next, Charlotte told a magnificent story on how Ric lived up to his gimmick by renting a jet just to get to the airport in time to be part of Andrade’s big match.

“Let me tell you a little story, though,” Charlotte said with a chuckle. “When my dad met me in Pittsburgh to fly to Mexico, all of his flights were delayed to get from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. So, he rented a jet just to get to Pittsburgh! That’s how much it meant for him to be by Manny at TripleManía.

“You could see how proud he was to be out there with Manny. It’s how much Manny means to him. I think my dad also knows, like, Manny is going to be the man, and he’s going to take care of me when he’s gone. It’s like a passing of the torch.”

Then, Charlotte opened up about the backlash she received from fans online after a photo surfaced of her being backstage at TripleMania.

“I actually thought people would be more like, ‘Wow. That’s how much her relationship means to her.’ I was actually like, ‘People are thinking that I’m ruining my career?'” Charlotte stated with hesitancy following the comments made on social media about her being at TripleManía. “Part of my career is who I am in my real life. Part of my career is, like, Manny helping me, pushing me and supporting me in all of these different experiences in my life. That makes me grow as a performer. I don’t know if you guys have seen, but I’ve grown in front of y’all over the years. So, I was really surprised.”

Going back to their fun and positive conversation, Charlotte recalled the first time she met Andrade and what a big fan her father was of his work.

“My dad has always respected him because he appreciates his work. He’s a good worker, honey,” Charlotte laughed before proceeding to how she first met Andrade El Idolo. “I met Manny on a European tour. When we came back to the states, we had Monday Night RAW that night. It was right before Survivor Series. My dad happened to be on TV that night. I walk into talent and relations… Manny and I knew each other, but we didn’t… When Manny walked into talent relations I was like, oh, and I totally ignored him.

“My dad is sitting there, and he gets right up, and he’s like, ‘Hey, helluva match.’ So, Manny texts me later that night and says, ‘Hey, did you tell your dad that we’re, like, friends?’ I was like, ‘No. He just watches.’ It was an awkward moment, but it grew over time.”

You can listen to Charlotte Flair’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Oral Sessions w/Renée Paquette with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.