During last night’s CFFC MMA event, CM Punk dropped a little “all elite” joke while on commentary. As the two fighters battled on the ground, CM Punk’s commentary partner, John Morgan, set Punk up.

“Like in the first round, Hoffman is just returning to his wrestling,” Morgan said. “You know what I’m saying, Punk? Returning to his wrestling.”

“Yeah, he’s looking all elite, right now,” Punk responded quickly.

The pace of the fight quickened and Morgan then said, “inside jokes being thrown all over the place!”

“Ya gotta watch out for those inside jokes,” Punk replied.

AEW is headed to the United Center in Chicago next Friday as what’s being billed as “The First Dance.” AEW President Tony Khan has even said that fans should “know what to expect on the second episode of Rampage” inferring that Punk is on the way.

As noted, Punk’s name was dropped last night on the NFL Network while Adam Rank recapped some preseason games.