Doudrop Discusses Molly Holly’s Work As A WWE Producer

Since earlier this summer, WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly has transitioned into the role of a producer, making her one of the first women to assume the position.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Brian Wohl, RAW superstar Doudrop praised Molly Holly's leadership backstage.


"Obviously I was a big wrestling fan growing up, so getting to work with her was like a dream come true," Doudrop said. "To talk to her, to get her perspective, to get some of her experience has been vastly useful for me. You try to chat to everybody but you definitely have to get a woman's perspective because let's face it, there's not a whole lot of us."

While many contribute to producing every contest, it's hard to find a women's match without TJ Wilson's DNA in it. The former Tyson Kidd is widely regarded as one of the best producers in the game today, specifically for his work with the female talent.

Doudrop notes that TJ is often the first person anyone in the women's division goes to for feedback.


"He is such a brilliant mind. We think of things, we go to him and talk about it. He'll go, 'Okay, well what about this?'" Doudrop said. "And he'll flip it on its head and I'm just like, I can't believe I've been wrestling for like 12 years now and didn't see it from that perspective. He's just a wrestling genius."

Doudrop will be in Eva Marie's corner this Saturday when she takes on Alexa Bliss at WWE SummerSlam.