Finn Balor Confident That “The Demon” Will Return

In an interview with WWE Deutschland, WWE star Finn Balor was asked about the potential return of his popular "Demon" persona. Balor, who is currently on Smackdown, said that it wasn't in the plans for now, but revealed that WWE fans aren't done seeing the Demon.


"You're hitting me with the hard questions," Balor joked. "Yeah, obviously yeah. I feel like 'The Demon' definitely has a future. But right now I'm very focused on 'The Prince' and this current invention of the character and the direction that we're going in. But I'm sure we'll get back to 'The Demon' at some stage."

Balor's "Demon" persona originated in his run with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he would use body paint for big matches. He carried over the trait to WWE and officially christened it as his "Demon" persona. Balor would use it until his return to NXT in 2019, ultimately deciding that the persona had been overexposed.

Balor was scheduled to wrestle Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship before he was attacked by Baron Corbin during a contract signing on last week's Smackdown. Balor will now take on Corbin this Friday on Smackdown, airing on Fox at 8 p.m. EST.


You can see Balor's statement below.