Finn Balor recently won the NXT Championship for the second time and took the time to talk with ViBe & Wrestling about the accomplishment. Balor said it was a special accomplishment and confirmed he made the right decision to return NXT.

“Yes, thank you very much,” Balor said. “It is not easy as you said. The truth is that this only confirms that it was not the wrong decision when I decided to return to NXT. Seeing so many new faces and so many great talents has been rejuvenating and also defeating Adam Cole was quite an achievement so I am beyond happy.”

Balor was asked about reforming the Bullet Club with the current members of the NXT roster. Balor said he just doesn’t see anyone on the roster that fits that role at the moment.

“Well, to be honest I would have to tell you that without a doubt I would have chosen two Superstars that were released by the company just a month ago,” Balor said. “It’s a shame and I know things are the way they are. Now that it has happened, there is nothing left but looking into the future but I don’t think I could rebuild the Bullet Club without them. I don’t think any current Superstars fit that role better than them.”

Balor also mentioned that he feels his “Demon” persona didn’t work on the main roster because they wanted to use it to much and it became his savior of sorts. Interestingly, he felt like the overuse of it hurt both characters.

“The ‘Demon’ was designed as something special,” Balor said. “It was one of those things that should have been saved for breathtaking occasions, but it ended up being advertised in the media and that was one of the main reasons why it didn’t work. The surprise factor was completely gone and the ‘Demon’ became Finn Balor’s savior, which was also to my detriment because I could not develop my own character separate from the ‘Demon’. I think it hurt both of us – Finn Balor and the ‘Demon’.”

Balor spoke on the evolution of the product over the last couple of years and mentioned while he’s not against using his “Demon” character for cinematic-type matches, he would much prefer pulling it out in a stadium full of people at WrestleMania.

“The evolution of the brand during the last 2 years has been incredible,” Balor said. “We all know, and now more than ever, that NXT is WWE’s third brand and is no longer a development brand. In that sense, I think it would not hurt to see the ‘Demon’ in this type of cinematic matches because we have to evolve along with the business, but I would enjoy much more with the ‘Demon’ in a stadium full of people at WrestleMania. I think in a way it was designed for those kinds of occasions and I think that both, the fans and myself, would enjoy it much more.”

Balor is schedule to defend the NXT Championship at Sunday, October 4th against the winner of a five-man Gauntlet Eliminator Match on WWE NXT next Wednesday.

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