Former WWE star Maven joined Insight with Chris Van Vliet to talk about his career and what he’s doing now. And what is Maven doing now one may ask?

“Crazily enough I work in the weirdest industry you can work in right now. I work in finance at Wall Street,” Maven said. “I travel in and I work for a company that is right there on Wall Street. I have never worked in this industry before. I found out that a lot of people in finance are really into music. Everyone I work with has a CD coming out or a video coming out. I live in New Jersey and I commute.”

It’s been a long road for Maven to get here, after he spent years battling a prescription pill addiction that once led him to getting arrested. Maven recounted his years taking pills, how it started in wrestling (though he doesn’t blame the profession for it) and how it gradually took over his life.

“It started in wrestling but wrestling didn’t do it,” Maven said. “I wouldn’t even take Tylenol for a headache back then. The first pill I ever took I was like ‘yeah I am onto something here.’ I was in pain at the time, I just had hand surgery. But that’s life man. One pill turns into two, turns into thirty. When that happened, I was taking forty to fifty a day. But here’s what’s crazy, I could function on them. I could do them and then do two hours on HSN (Home Shopping Network) and sell the hell out of some football merchandise. I knew this ends bad, just not today. Next day, this ends bad, but not today. Then you are three years later and it’s still the same thing.”

Following his arrest, Maven went to rehab to seek help for his addiction. He credits his former employers, WWE, for helping him, as they reached out to set him up with a program that would help him.

“They reached out to me,” Maven said. “It hit the news on TMZ and they reached out to me a day or two later. Johnny Ace and D-Von Dudley reached out to me on the day. No one knew I had a problem. I could maintain and I could hide it. I said it wasn’t a problem for me, but yeah it wasn’t sustainable. I needed that. It also hit me financially pretty difficult, but that’s just life. You are going to get kicked down, but it is about falling forward.”

Maven also revealed that he had used steroids. He noted that his physique completely changed from when he started.

“I was told, I won’t say by who, that I was 205 and ‘we need you to get a little bit bigger,'” Maven recalled. “I listened to that advice, but I would have sought that out regardless. Just to look good. If you look at me when I started compared to two years later, it’s night and day. But looking like that, that’s the addictive part of it. You just feel great, you feel that hardness and it feels good. It’s not a euphoric feeling, you just feel it when you look good. It also gives you a psychological edge.

“I would go to the gym and I was like I am here so I’ve got to get my money’s worth. I had a doctor that was telling me how much of each to take. I was getting good stuff from good pharmacies that was shipped to my house completely legal, because it was prescribed. I have bought vehicles that were harder to get.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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