Mickie James will be the first guest on TK Trinidad’s Women’s Wrestling Talk on FITE TV tonight at 7 p.m. In a preview of the show, James talked about the first thing she did following her release from WWE back in April.

“You know, I think I took that whole day,” James said. “But even when it happened, I was just kind of like ‘oh, okay, reset, like just a reset, you know?’ And I think because I’ve been there before, and obviously have, you know, been in different companies and left and came back and done other things. So, I actually got after it kind of settled in, I got excited about all the things that, you know, perhaps I’ve been working on. From my music to other projects and a lot of the the charity work and stuff that I do that sometimes that, because was my time was limited, or the ability or the or the freedom to be able to just go and do those things was kind of limited. So now it’s like ‘well, I can literally go maybe do everything that I want to do now.’ So that’s kind of cool.”

In the past James has talked about WWE setting up their only all women’s PPV, Evolution, to fail. She reiterated that stance again, though she did clarify it was due to WWE not putting much thought in as opposed to setting out for the show to fail.

“I don’t think that it was like, set up to fail in a sense,” James said. “I just don’t think it was that much thought was put into it as a whole. And so by design, it was kind of set up to fail in a sense. I feel like we could have,  announced a lot of the matches a lot sooner and built to those matches on television.”

Since leaving WWE James has kept busy, particularly with putting together NWA’s all women’s show Empowerrr for later this month. James talked about wanting to do business with every brand possible for this show, in order to spotlight women’s wrestling in the way James sees best.

“I think the beauty of being an independent contractor is I’m here to do business for a Empowerr and what’s going to make an incredible pay per view,” James said. “And I really want to bring all the brands together because I want to do business with anyone who wants to do business with Mickie James. Because I think that’s what’s best for the women’s brand that I’m trying to develop overall, especially when no one is really cultivating a product for their women.”

In doing so James has booked talent like Impact Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo, who James has confronted several times on Impact TV. While Purrazzo will be wrestling Melina at Empowerrr, a match with between her and James is something James would love to do somewhere down the road.

“I would love to face her,” James said. “I think what she’s been able to do since she showed up at Impact is incredible. And I think that she’s been able to redefine herself and really kind of evolve herself now on television. She’s done a whole lot and she’s going to continue to do a whole lot of things because she’s young and she’s talented. And she’s driven, she’s an ass kicker and she really loves the art of wrestling, which is a cool thing to see. Because I love the art of wrestling.”