NWA Invites Ric Flair To Their Next PPV

Ric Flair is already receiving offers after receiving his WWE release this week. The National Wrestling Alliance took to Twitter this afternoon to formerly invite Flair, who was released from WWE, to their next PPV, their 73 Anniversary Show, later this month at The Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis.

"Hopefully Ric Flair knows he is MORE than welcome for Wrestling At The Chase," NWA tweeted. "We'd be honored for him to show up."

The NWA is scheduled to hold four night series of events at The Chase, starting on August 28. In addition to the 73 Anniversary Show on August 29, one of the shows will be an all women's show called Empowerrr. Empowerrr is being booked and produced by Mickie James, and is expected to feature talent from at least NWA, Impact Wrestling and AEW.

An NWA appearance would be a fitting move for Flair, one of the biggest stars in the history of the Alliance. The Nature Boy won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship a record 10 times in his career, along with several other NWA title while working for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW during the 80's. Flair has not appeared on an NWA sanctioned show since 1990, when the NWA and WCW still worked together.

An appearance for Flair would also be fitting given his history with The Chase Park Plaza. He frequently appeared on the hit TV program Wrestling At The Chase for the St. Louis Wrestling Club back in the 1980's, prior to the show going off the air in 1983. His last appearance on the show was in May of 1983, where he wrestled Lee Boyd.

You can see NWA's tweet below.