Paul Wight Believes Match With Shaq Will Happen In AEW

In an appearance on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, AEW wrestler and announcer Paul Wight talked about his weight loss over the course of the years. According to Wight, he had gotten his weight down to his WCW days before the pandemic put a dent in his training regiment.

"I got as low as 370 lbs. Right now, I am at about 408 or 410," Wight revealed. "I'm still keeping it low. COVID and the pandemic put a big hit in the training and stuff like that. Now that things are starting to work I am getting things back together. It's fun, you know how to get there, so it's about gearing up and getting there again. Get your diet in order, then make the commitment to get your cardio in and all that stuff. When I was at 500lbs, I was a quarter ton of fun for 15 years. When I say 400, I still feel a little light in the pants. But to stay around 375 would be good."

Wight also talked about how happy he was at the commentary booth and working with Tony Schiavone on AEW Dark: Elevation. He is, however, itching to get back to the ring, making his upcoming All Out match with QT Marshall a welcome move.

"Oh my God you have no idea!" Wight exclaimed. "I'm having a great time doing the commentary on Elevation. But if I've had known about the live Rampage on TNT I would have pushed for that spot. At the time, my opportunities were the new show Elevation, so I jumped at it. I am having a great time working with Tony Schiavone and working with the younger talent, but man, I have been chomping at the bit to get back in the ring. There's so many talents I want to work with and spend time in the ring with. I want to pass that knowledge along and still have fun. One of the biggest reasons why I made that transition is because I still want to compete in the ring."

Wight was asked what he felt he had left to accomplish in wrestling. He explained he's not someone with a huge list of goals and overall he's just trying to enjoy himself as much as possible.

"My bucket list? I don't really have a bucket list," Wight said. "I've never been a guy to say 'I've got to do that.' I'm not a goal setter. I know some guys wake up every day and they have goals and checklists. I try to enjoy every day and be thankful for every day. Whether I get to go out and compete or be around the talent, it's a good day. I've got some TV and movie projects on the side, so that's all picking up speed now.

"I don't have anything to complain about. I just take every day and enjoy it. But as far as opportunities go, I won't turn anything down but the sheets. I'm like Samuel Jackson. I'll say yes to everything. I look forward to whatever opportunities are available. After Rampage in Chicago, the wrestling world will get knocked on it's ass. The scuttlebutt is true. Maybe attitude-era ish again."

One thing Wight would like to do however is have the long awaited match with Shaquille O'Neil. Wight believes the match is more possible than ever, and does feel the match will end up occurring.

"I think that will happen now because there is not as much red tape," Wight said. "He's already competed with Cody Rhodes. It was him and Jade Cargill vs. Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. That was an incredible showing for Shaq, so hopefully we'll be able to cut some more red tape and make it happen. He's been hitting the gym lately, Shaq is pretty big right now. He's huge Shaq, that's the best way of looking at it. I think he is nervous about me so he is putting on a bit of size. Whereas I am 'Tall Paul' the car salesman."

You can watch the full interview below.