In an interview with Metro UK, NWA star Trevor Murdoch talked about his brief time working with Impact Wrestling, back when they were branded TNA. Murdoch worked a total of eleven matches for the promotion in 2009, and he believes his stint was cut short due to a disagreement with an agent, who is now a performer in AEW.

“I’m pretty sure the reason why TNA stopped using me at the time was I didn’t have a deal and I was wrestling Rhino,” Murdoch recalled. “Taz had just come in as a producer, it was his first few matches as producer. We’re putting our match together and Taz asks me ‘Trevor, what’s your finishing move?’ I go ‘well I do a top-rope bulldog’. He goes ‘oh wow! That’s very impressive for a guy your size!” F**k yeah it is, that’s why I used it as a finisher! He goes ‘well, this match tonight, can you hit Rhino with your finisher, cover, he kicks out at two. Then pick him up, shoot him off, ducks your clothesline and gores you, one-two-three.’

“I’m pretty stubborn and I was like “Taz, if there’s anything else you want off the top rope, I’ll do a beautiful high crossbody, s--t, whatever you want me to do.’ But I don’t have a contract here. I said ‘legitimately, that’s one of two moves that when people see me they go, he might do this! And I don’t wanna throw that away, nor do I wanna waste it.”‘

According to Murdoch, Taz initially seemed fine with Murdoch’s request. But soon after Murdoch was called into a meeting and it was clear things weren’t all square.

“Taz is in there with Terry, and I proceed to get my ass chewed by Terry Taylor because I’m not a company guy and I’m being difficult,” Murdoch said. “I just, I don’t know, WWE let me go so there really wasn’t much anybody business-wise could scare me or intimidate me with. I just laid it out. I said ‘Terry, I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful by any means! But I’ve been here for the last seven weeks and you guys haven’t given me a deal. The only thing that I’ve got is my bulldog, and I don’t see why that’s a big deal for me not to do that.’

“I said ‘I told him that I’d do anything else you wanted, but that.’ They proceeded to s**t on me and tell me I wasn’t a team player. I had a few choice words, one of them was ‘kiss my ass’, and I walked out the door. I went and had the match with Rhino, we did great business, never got a phone call again from them.”

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