Former WWE star Tyler Breeze joined Insight With Chris Van Vliet to talk about his 11 year run with WWE. According to Breeze it was good fortunate his run lasted that long, as he was told numerous times over the years that he was potentially on the chopping block.

“I was like the cockroach that wouldn’t go away man,” Breeze said. “There were several times where it was like ‘hey you’re gonna get fired.’ Then something happened, then it would repeat. I always just barely clung on, whether it was from taking a random bump in the ring or someone seeing me in the ring that hadn’t seen me. There was always something that would give me a little bit more life. Even when I found the Tyler Breeze Stuff, it went from ‘you’re probably not going to get fired’ to ‘you’re gonna get fired.’ That’s just how it goes, the lifespan of what we do isn’t long. Look at Stone Cold Steve Austin, he wrestled for a long time but his run in WWE was 5 years. I wrestled for 11 years in WWE, not many people can say that.”

Despite all the previous times he thought he could get fired, Breeze’s release from WWE in June still caught him off guard. Nevertheless he’s thankful for his time there and isn’t taking the release personally.

“No,” Breeze stated when asked if his past experience prepared him. “But it was also like…well firstly I have been in WWE for 11 years. I was also very smart with my money where now the income part wasn’t such a big worry to me. Now I understand where they are coming from to let me go, it’s just business. You can’t take it personally and go ‘what did I do wrong?’ Sometimes you just make too much money or they go ‘hey. We don’t need you right now.’ It doesn’t mean that you’re gone forever. How many times do we see people get released and then they come back? Once you are in the system you are in the system, it’s just how it goes.”

As the co-owner of the Flatbacks Wrestling School with AEW star Shawn Spears, Breeze is seen by some as a potential candidate to join AEW himself. For now though, it’s not something Breeze is interested in, partially due to the influx of talent reported to be arriving in AEW and partially because he’s scratched his wrestling itch for now.

“It depends,” Breeze said. “I mean there is a lot happening in wrestling right now. It’s cool and it’s something we tell our students at Flatbacks Wrestling School. We say to the students ‘guys it’s not as far away as you think.’ The students we are training now have been on AEW Dark and NXT. It’s right there. Right now is a good time in wrestling. But right now, let’s say on AEW, there are a lot of people debuting and there are a lot of people moving around all over the place. If I go there, I don’t know if it would make a massive impact. Now it’s kind of the norm, people are going over there and there might be some big names going over there. Nobody knows what is happening, but I don’t think now is the right time for me to go towards there.

“At the same time, I have wrestled for 14 years straight. I’m okay with taking a little bit of a break. My body likes it and I am getting enough wrestling at the school to keep my body good. I’m not currently taking any bookings. Going out there and getting injured, it doesn’t really appeal to me. If there was a match that was fun, I think I might do it. But I have scratched the wrestling itch, but if it comes back, then maybe.”

You can watch the full interview below.