A fan on Twitter has shared a video of WWE SmackDown Superstar Big E passionately making out with his Money in the Bank briefcase at a recent WWE Supershow.

Big E defeated Seth Rollins on the last two WWE house shows, at Detroit, MI, on Sunday and Milwaukee, WI, on Saturday.

The user did not specify where and when the video was shot. It is likely Big E celebrated with the briefcase after his victory over Rollins. The video went viral among wrestling fans on Wednesday night.

Following Friday’s SmackDown, Big E will be seen in action at the next WWE Supershow in Fort Myers, FL, on Saturday. Ahead of the show, Big E spoke to The News-Press and said he was fortunate that WWE returning to live events coincided with him holding the MITB briefcase.

“There’s nothing like it [live fans],” Big E said. “I can’t overstate how fulfilling it is, how enjoyable it is, to go out there and have people be behind you and to be loud and to be vocal. The shows that we’ve had so far have been so much fun.”

“Nothing will ever be able to truly compete with having our fans there, in the arenas, being loud, being present, being a part of the show. Because they truly are a part of the show. And that’s what we all love.”