World Famous CB On Why He Dropped "Cheeseburger" Name, Whose ROH Matches Are "Must Watch"

Ring of Honor took a lengthy hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic. The promotion would re-emerge relatively unchanged, but the same cannot be said for their talent.

After nearly a decade under the ring name "Cheeseburger," the real-life Brandon Littlejohn returned to ROH this past February with a new look, a new demeanor, and a new name: World Famous CB.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily, CB says he felt "Cheeseburger" was nearing its expiration date.

"At the time, during the pandemic and being off for so long, I had a lot to think about. Myself, my career, what direction I wanted to go," CB said. "I felt Cheeseburger kind of started to become stagnant, and if it didn't become stagnant, it was very close to becoming stagnant and old news."

Rather than allow his former gimmick to spoil, CB jumped ahead of the curve.

"We were off like, nine, ten months because of the pandemic. No wrestling. I didn't want to come back just doing the same stuff I was doing before, just being Cheeseburger. I wanted to develop a new character where I could be more of a serious wrestler," CB said. "I could have more of a definitive direction. With Cheeseburger, I never really knew what the character was supposed to be, what they wanted out of it. As World Famous CB, I have a lot more of a clear direction as a character that I created and wasn't given to me. It was something where I could show off my wrestling skill."

CB emphasized that his new persona puts the wrestling first, which is something he couldn't say about Cheeseburger.

"The way I always describe it is that Cheeseburger was a character that was also a wrestler, but World Famous CB is a wrestler that is also a character," CB said.

Since returning to ROH, World Famous CB has begUn competing in the newly-revived Pure division. While he's out to prove he can hang with anyone, CB stressed he is "primarily a Pure wrestler."

"I see myself as a wrestler that can wrestle anybody, but primarily a Pure wrestler," CB said. " Someone that can go toe-to-toe grappling with anyone on the roster."

When Pure wrestling comes into the conversation, Jonathan Gresham's name is never far behind. This past August, The Octopus won a 16-man tournament to become the first ROH Pure Champion in over 14 years, and his reign continues to this day.

Beyond being a champion inside the ring, CB notes that Gresham is a locker room leader.

"It's been great having someone like Gresham push Pure wrestling," CB said. "He's an awesome help in the locker room. To pick his brain and get advice, that dude knows every single hold inside and out. He's been a fantastic help to me. We have a good relationship to where I can talk to him and get advice and everything from him. He's been just awe-inspiring in Ring of Honor. Every match he has is must-watch. I'm glad he's waving the flag of Pure wrestling and bringing it back. He gives a place for people like myself who are a fan of that style to fit in the confines of the roster."

World Famous CB can be seen this week on ROH TV battling Flip Gordon. For more information on how to watch please visit You can follow World Famous CB on Twitter @CheeseburgerROH.


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