Big E Says The Quality Of WWE RAW Now Falls On Him

Big E has a new championship around his waist, and that comes with a new home to boot.

Speaking with Cincy360, the current WWE Champion doubled down on his commitment to Monday Night RAW.

"In my mind, RAW is my show. That WWE Championship means that RAW is my show. I'm the king of the hill there," Big E said. "Right now, I've been kind of going back and forth with SmackDown a little bit, but I anticipate that will be over soon. I want to focus on making RAW this best show it can be, and I take pride in that. A lot of times the viewership, the quality of the show is on the WWE Champion. That's a big marker for having a really good reign."

Rumors have recently swirled about WWE looking to do more crossover between their main roster shows. Despite his position on the red brand, the New Day's muscle left the door open for more appearances on SmackDown down the line.

"RAW will be my focus, but you never know how things can shake out here. It's a topsy-turvy world," Big E said. "There's a chance that I might show up [more] on SmackDown, but my focus is on RAW right now."

Returning to RAW also reunites Big E with his New Day stablemates, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The trio was previously split up during 2020's WWE Draft, a decision E emphasized they were not crazy about at first.

"It was definitely bittersweet for us. We weren't excited about the prospect of being on different shows. That wasn't something that we wanted," Big E said. "We got to a point where we realized this is how things are, so let's make the best of it."

And make the most of it they did. While apart, the stable collected three different championships (WWE, Intercontinental, and RAW Tag Team) alongside the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Even though they were not fans of the year apart, E says the three men appreciate what the opportunity brought them.

"It forced us all to grow, the tag team unit. Woods doing more singles stuff, Kofi doing more singles stuff on his own as well, too," Big E said. "But it also forced me to go, 'Alright, I'm out here on my own. I have to make the best of it.' I got more comfortable performing alone and finding what my path is, how I wanted to come across. There was a blessing in disguise with us being on different shows, for sure. Now that we're all back together, it allows people to be excited again about us being on the same show regularly again, but it also allows us to take things that we learned when we were apart from each other and now bring it back to the group."

While the New Day are back together on a regular basis, don't expect the same song and dance from the pillars of positivity.

"The biggest thing is we don't ever want to move backwards. We don't ever want to live in the past just because it's old and it's comfortable," Big E said. "I'm hoping that this next chapter of the New Day has a different feel. It's still us, we're still going to strive to entertain you, but we also want to evolve a bit."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Cincy 360 with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.