Bryan Danielson On Why WrestleMania 30 Was Not The Biggest Moment Of His Career

Bryan Danielson was recently on Rasslin' with Brandon Walker where he talked about his time in AEW so far. Danielson is set to clash with Kenny Omega at Dynamite: Grand Slam, and Danielson discussed how his style will change from his WWE style.


"It'll be interesting to see because I essentially adapted. I had to adapt to the WWE style," Danielson pointed out. "I created something that I did not do before and then made it into the character of Daniel Bryan, who was essentially an underdog character. People may be a little bit surprised by the violence because I think that's one of the things that's different between, say, Bryan Danielson, and how I was before, and Daniel Bryan, but I think that's one of the things that actually really helped me in WWE is being a small person.

"Fighting from underneath but when I get on top of somebody like a Big Show, or Mark Henry or somebody like that, I could really lay into them believably. Big Show and Mark Henry, all three of us were talking about it just last week. They were joking with the younger guys on the AEW roster. 'You guys don't want to be kicked by Daniel Bryan.'"


Danielson then compared his big WWE moment at WrestleMania 30 to his match with Omega. He explained why Dynamite: Grand Slam has to deliver.

"To me, this is the biggest match in my career," Danielson admitted. "I think a lot of people would consider WrestleMania 30 my biggest moment, where I main evented WrestleMania, but the reality is if I went out there and I did not perform very well in that day, maybe the moment wouldn't be remembered, but the ratings weren't gonna change the next day. It wasn't going to change WWE's business.

"If Kenny Omega and I go out there and we put on a match that people are raving about and not only just us but everybody on that show. It's the responsibility of every single person on that show because that show is stacked. There are going to be a lot of people tuning in for the first time because it feels so big. There's this responsibility to really go out there and deliver and show people, hey, they should be watching this on a weekly basis. That makes it feel bigger. The implications of doing well vs. doing poorly are much greater."

Danielson made his debut within minutes Adam Cole made his AEW debut. Danielson talked about whether he liked how their debuts played out.


"I think it was pretty cool," Danielson stated. "Tony Khan mentioned it to me, and I thought, okay, well, are you sure you don't want to space it out? And then he explained his reasons for doing it, and I thought, you know what, I've never seen anything done like that before. It's almost like brain overload."

Danielson spoke more on All Out and his general thoughts on the show. He explained why he thought the event was so great in his eyes.

"I wasn't able to watch it that night because I was hidden in a trailer, and the feed wasn't very good and people were coming in and saying hi," Danielson recalled. "I watched it back, either the Monday or the Tuesday before Dynamite, and I texted Tony. I said, 'That is the most incredible PPV I have ever seen,' and I have been watching wrestling for a long time.

"And the reason why is because it was an incredible event in itself if you just saw it as it was. 'Whoa, what an incredible event!' But it also made you look forward to the future so much and not just for me or Adam Cole in the main event male scene. All of a sudden, you've got Ruby Soho, and now you're excited about the women's division, and the tag team division and then Minoru Suzuki, so you're even excited about Dynamite that week. You're excited to see Minoru Suzuki and Jon Moxley, and so I texted him. I said, 'That was just such a well put together PPV. I've never seen anything like it.'"


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