On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with MLW star EJ Nduka, a.k.a. Ezra Judge. Nduka signed with MLW after it was announced he had been drafted at round six of MLW’s Open Draft. Later, “The Judge” made his MLW debut at Battle Riot III, and he reflected on that moment.

“It was my jubilee. It was amazing,” Nduka expressed. “For the last two years, I had been working. I’ve been the first one at the PC, the last one to leave. I had been working on myself, working on my character, working on everything to be a star, and I got an opportunity to showcase that in MLW. My very first match on TV, it was amazing. The guys are awesome. I learned a lot. I was able to put what my strengths are, which is my power, my speed and agility on to a match and then show my character who I am, The Equalizer.”

Nduka did not win the Battle Riot. Alex Hammerstone survived the match and won, but Nduka did break the record with most eliminations at 12. Nduka discussed some of his favorite talents that he got to step in the ring with during the raucus match with so many wrestlers.

“Alex Cane is a star. Davey Richards, he’s awesome,” Nduka said. “Even chopping it up with them backstage, King Mo had a lot of nuggets. He’s been with MLW for a minute now, and he kind of just gave me some of the things to expect, and everybody just had positive things to say about MLW. There was no negativity. There was no complaints, nothing like that. It was just a just a family atmosphere, and everybody came to show up.”

Nduka was recruited by WWE and has spent his entire development with them at the Performance Center. Hausman asked EJ how the MLW locker room environment compares to WWE’s.

“I’ve been in the RAW and SmackDown locker rooms a handful of times, but I’ve been in the NXT locker room. For the most part, the NXT locker room was dope,” Nduka said. “When I was there, [Damian] Priest, [Adam] Cole and some of those guys were the locker room leaders, and  they’re approachable. They’re cool guys. So it’s not that much of a difference as far as the locker room.

“As far as the production and how things are produced, you have a lot more autonomy and creativity in MLW. You have a lot of things that you can do. You can bounce ideas off other people. You don’t have to worry about being told no. Maybe it’s not yes, but there’s another avenue, maybe, we can get it a different way. It’s never like, ‘No, that’s not a good idea.'”

You can follow EJ on Twitter @EJTheJudge

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