Jim Ross Talks Paul Wight Returning To The Ring In AEW, Pat McAfee’s Commentary

On the latest episode of Grilling JR, AEW Commentator Jim Ross spoke about the current landscape of AEW, and the amount of trainers the company has. Ross detailed which current trainers and veterans backstage help the younger talent in AEW.

"We have Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Christopher Daniels," Ross said. "We've got a lot of good trainers. I'm probably leaving out somebody. We also expect Mark Henry and Paul Wight and other veterans to take their place in that line of being a mentor. Like Chris Jericho is a mentor to about five guys, all his people in his faction. Plus he's in charge of his own creative. We try to maximize everybody's skillset. If you're one dimensional and can only contribute right now in the ring, then cool. But a lot of our guys want to do more, and once they get to see how their creative can be influenced by themselves and not the mind of a writer- because we don't have any writers."

Paul Wight will make his AEW wrestling debut when he takes on QT Marshall at AEW All Out. Wight spoke with ESPN's SportsNation last week about his desire to also wrestle Sting in AEW before he retires. Having worked with Wight throughout decades, Ross commented on Wight's physic and spoke about his confrontation with QT Marshall the other night.

"Paul Wight looked good in AEW the other night," Ross said. "The piece of business he had with QT Marshall and company. Paul has obviously lost a lot of weight watching his diet."

JR has been a commentator of the biggest wrestling matches and moments for over three decades, providing memorable commentary during the most memorable matches. AEW All Out will be live on pay per view on Sunday, September 5th, and the AEW Commentator revealed whether or not he'll have inside information on who will win each match.

"I don't need to know these things," Ross said. "I will not know one finish when we get to Chicago [for AEW All Out]."

After spending many years with the WWE, Ross also commented on SmackDown's current announce team of Michael Cole and Pat McAfee. JR also mentioned why he would take his current three-man booth in AEW over any three-man commentary team today or ever.

"I think [Cole] and Pat McAfee do a hell of a job on SmackDown," Ross mentioned about his former colleague. "I put our three man team on Dynamite up against anybody any time I've been working. It's just hard to find three guys that gel in a three man booth like we do and I'm very lucky to be a part of that."

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