In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Ring of Honor star Kenny King reflected on his time in WWE Tough Enough back in 2002. King, who also entered talks with WWE years ago but never signed, talked about what he would change if he could go back and do it over, saying he would promote himself far more than he did the first go around.

“If I were to go back and really kind of hammer some s**t home for myself, I would say, ‘look relentlessly,” King said. “Promote yourself relentlessly. Sometimes your humility can be an albatross, right? You don’t want to be the guy who goes and talks about how great he is. There’s nothing wrong with letting the world know how great you are, especially if you can go out and prove it. So, I feel like that would be something that I would use to maybe just accelerate certain parts of my career.”

King was also asked about WWE’s Hurt Business stable consisting of Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, and two people King worked with in TNA as part of the Beatdown Clan, Bobby Lashley and MVP. King had nothing but praise for his friends. He also revealed he had been asked to be part of the stable, only for contracts and politics to get in the way.

“I used get a phone call like that, like once a month with The Hurt Business,” King said. “‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m still under contract.’ If Vince wants to come buy me out my contract, I’d be there in a minute.’ But look, I’ve always known that Bobby Lashley was World Championship material. His work in the last year and a half has been out of this world. I was one of the people that turned my TV off when I saw him bending over, pointing at his ass because he’s just not a bend over. He is an absolute. He’s an animal, he’s a walking tank. He can fight you, beat you up for real. So there’s not too many guys in pro wrestling that you would be like, ‘realistically, even if I didn’t want to let him win, I couldn’t do anything about it.’

“So that is it’s a no brainer in the sense that, when you look at Bobby Lashley, that’s the WWE Champion, you know? So we just had a little out in three of us, and we were just sitting there talking about how, you know, just the chemistry was just so natural and it works so well. And there were just so many places that, you know, we can all cover some of the different areas with three of us, and with our characters, and with our wrestling. And it just covered everything. We talked about it quite often, with with contractual obligations and things, politics and all the b******t. It is what it is. We never rule it out. Because the three of us together would– it’s always going to be money. It will always be money, it was always money. So you never know what might happen in the future.”

You can watch the full interview below.