Kenny Omega Names WWE Hall Of Famer As Dream Opponent

Current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with Adam's Apple about the excitement surrounding the company now that stars like Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson have joined. Omega commented on the buzz, noting how great it is to see so many companies producing content.

"It's great to see that there are more fans than ever enjoying multiple products across the world. I'm glad to see we're growing, and thriving, and we're seeing a lot of new fresh matchups and scenarios in wrestling that we haven't seen in a long time," Omega said. "So, it's an exciting time to be a wrestler and an exciting time to be a wrestling fan."

Kenny thinks AEW is succeeding more than ever with the 18-49 demographic because they are combining the veteran talent with rising stars.

"We were able to introduce some fresh faces that people hadn't seen on TV, and I think that we're mixing them in with established faces like the guys Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, CM Punk," Omega explained. "And when you do that on worldwide television, it gets people excited and gives them something fresh. We just happen to be another promotion, so it's competition across the board for everyone."

When it comes to those demographics and ratings, Kenny tries to stay focused on the things he can directly control. He explained how AEW is simply meant to be an alternative to what is already available.

"I've always been the guy that when I'm there at that building, I'm just going to try my best, put out the best product possible, and just be different," Omega noted. "So I feel like rather more than competition, we're  just that other option out there for you if you want to see something different and new."

Although viewers may know Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson from WWE, they were popular indie wrestlers before reaching the company. Kenny recalled the experiences he had with these stars prior to reuniting in AEW.

"For me, they're friends that I've seen, and grew up with, and done the indies with, and toured with," Omega added. "So, it's like a high school reunion of sorts almost. And it's great to work with these guys after 4, or 5, or 10 years! Maybe even more in some cases. It's just great to be back among friends and make some new magic because we've all changed, we've all grown, we've all evolved."

One person Kenny Omega wishes he could have stepped in the ring with before retirement is the Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle. Omega has nothing but positive things to say about the legendary wrestler.

"I felt like I just missed out on maybe wrestling Kurt Angle, and that would have been a dream match for me," Omega said. "He's a guy that I consider probably one of the best of all time. Especially for what I try to do in the ring and I try to bring in athletics and real sports. He was a jack of all trades and there won't be anyone like him ever again, I don't think."