Photo: Asuka Likely Injured As She Is Spotted Wearing Arm Brace

WWE RAW Superstar Asuka has not been seen on WWE TV since the Women's Money In the Bank Ladder Match at the July 18 pay-per-view.

In late August, it was reported that she's not injured, and that WWE creative doesn't have any plans for her. As noted, Asuka debunked those reports via Twitter, stating that the reason for her absence is "completely different" to what is being reported.


On Tuesday, Asuka shared a picture of her in an arm brace, pretty much confirming that she's been out of action due to injury.

Asuka revealed that she "finally got new teeth" after losing them six months ago. The Empress of Tomorrow revealed back in March that she underwent dental surgery. At the time, she also revealed it would take six months for her teeth to completely heal from the injury she suffered when Shayna Baszler kicked her in the mouth during a tag team match on the February 22 episode of RAW.

You can see Asuka's tweet below: