Tommy Dreamer Pulled From Busted Open Radio Until Further Notice

On today's episode of Busted Open Radio, host Dave LaGreca commented on the statements made by Tommy Dreamer on the most recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring, regarding Ric Flair's conduct on the Plane Ride from Hell. LaGreca did not hold back on criticizing Dreamer, one of three co-hosts of Busted Open Radio, saying his remarks wouldn't be tolerated.

"I felt that I needed to start off today's show to talk about a few different things," LaGreca said. "I'm still, quite frankly, shocked by what Tommy said. I think that was definitely out of character of the Tommy that I know, who has been hosting this show for a few years now. And I can't and will not defend the comments because they're indefensible. Quite frankly the things Tommy said, Tommy f****d up. Tommy f****d up on Thursday. And what he says is insensitive and it won't be tolerated.

"A lot of people say 'well in 2021 you can't say this.' It doesn't matter if it's 2021, 1998, 1985, it doesn't matter. As a father, as a husband, knowing my daughter now has just turned eighteen and she's about to go out into the world, is going to start college soon and is now working. These are things that I worry about for my own family. And people have had to worry about this for year, and there's just no f*****g place for it. There really isn't. There's no place for this type of thought process, these types of comments, these types of actions. And I'm not throwing this all on Tommy. Tommy made some insensitive remarks on Thursday. And as I said, they're not going to be tolerated."

LaGreca also addressed Dreamer's future with Busted Open Radio. While he stopped short of firing Dreamer, he did declare Dreamer would be pulled from the show until further notice.

"A lot of people have been looking to us now and what we're going to be doing about Tommy and Tommy's future," LaGreca said. "As far as Tommy's future on Busted Open, for the time being, he's off the show. How long, I don't know. I don't know how long Tommy's going to be off the show. I think he needs to take some time, I think he needs some time to reflect and understand how his comments hurt, how his attitude hurt. And I don't know if you can put a timetable for that. So if you're looking for that, I don't have an answer. But for the time being, Tommy's going to be off of Busted Open."

Dreamer being pulled from Busted Open comes days after he was suspended indefinitely by Impact Wrestling for his comments. Dreamer, who works for Impact as a member of creative and as an agent, issued a statement on Sunday, apologizing for his remarks.

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