Artist Reveals Shelved Idea For Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss Concept Art

Tattoo artist and illustrator Kyle A. Scarborough revealed at one point WWE wanted a live action Firefly Fun House. At the time, Bray Wyatt only agreed to doing it if he could play each of the characters.

"Fun Fact: the WWE wanted to bring the #FireflyFunHouse alive, but @Windham6 would only do it if he played the characters himself," Scarborough wrote. "Only one was mocked up, and this would've been the concept for FFH Huskus. It was hinted, but ultimately shelved."

While the idea never made it to TV, he showed off what Huskus would look like with Wyatt under the mask. Back in 2019, Scarborough gave Wyatt some new ink in the form a skull tattoo on his hand.

A few days ago, Scarborough also showed off some concept art of a mask/makeup combo for Alexa Bliss in the early days of her run with The Fiend.

Wyatt's 90-day non-compete clause ended on Friday. Bliss is currently on hiatus after undergoing sinus surgery. There's no timetable for her return, although a possible character change for Bliss is in the works.