Big E Reveals The One WWE Idea He Turned Down

WWE Champion, Big E recently spoke with Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM where he discussed the creative process within the company. The New Day member admitted that Vince McMahon is still very hands-on, however, he stressed that the reason The New Day was able to become popular was down to having some freedom.

"It's a give and take," Big E said. "Vince is still very heavily involved and the one that pulls all the strings. But the reason we were able to take off is because we got some more freedom with our promos. A lot of people are handed their script and you have to say it, but thankfully we have the freedom to play around with what we say."

WWE is well-known for creating some wild creative ideas and Big E revealed one idea that he actually turned down, which was in relation to use his pectoral muscles.

"Nothing too crazy. Years ago, they asked me if I could do a pec dance. A dude called Chris Masters used to pop his pecs rhythmically and I do a lot of silly nonsense, but I was like, 'I ain't trying to do all that.'"

Big E was asked about how wrestlers are now protected by the company, but he also pointed out that things can still get physical inside the ring. The WWE Champion made it clear that he solves any possible issues before the match is over when needed, hitting a receipt.

"Well, we have what we call a Wellness Policy and there's drug testing now as far as helping to protect us that there wasn't necessarily several years ago. But you're still falling down and getting with chairs and you can't fake that, so there's still a very real level to it. I settle everything in the ring. We call them receipts or if someone potato's you. A potato is something where we like, 'alright, this kind of went outside of the bonds of what we talked about you went a little too far,' then you just give it back to them. You've got to know how to stand your ground in there."

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