Big E Talks Working With The Undertaker On New Netflix Movie

WWE Champion Big E joined Busted Open Radio Monday morning to promote the Netflix interactive film Escape The Undertaker, starring Big E, WWE legend The Undertaker and the rest of the New Day stable. Big E talked about working with Undertaker on the film.

"He was fun," Big E said. "Larry Heck was there, our trainer.

"We just had our moments when we had our breaks where we were all just kind of sitting around and Undertaker was telling stories, him and Larry were playing cards. When we were sharing our scenes he was obviously very into the scenes. But the moments before and after it was just really cool to pick the brain of a guy who is a legend and has been around for a long time. So it was cool to see both sides of Taker."

Big E also talked about the bond between him and fellow New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. He credit the hardships the trio went through for strengthening their friendship, from people laughing at them to certain AEW stars doubting the trios chances of success.

"Well you know, we really just built a bond," Big E said. "It's hard to believe it's been over seven years, but in 2014 we were really working on putting this group together. And the three of us were really floundering in our careers. And I think what really fortified our bond is the fact that we had to go through so many ups and downs. We were told no so many times. We were laughed at by so many people, because this idea that the three of us wanted to do together a lot of people found laughable. I have no problem saying his name, but Big Show was someone who, in front of our faces, would tell Kofi 'hey, you don't have to be hanging around these guys.' He meant it. 'You're better than dealing with them.' But I'm so grateful that the three of us bet on ourselves and believed in ourselves and forged our bond. And the reason I don't mind saying Big Show's name is because he apologized many times and said 'you guys did things your way and it worked.' I appreciate him for that.

"That really, those rough times, often times it can drive people and families and friends apart. But for us it brought us closer together. And I love those guys so much and I love that we can do something unique in wrestling. You don't see a ton of stories of people who have real love and affection for each other, especially among men. I think it's cool to portray a male friendship between three guys in a positive way. The fact that we, Woods and I, got to be in a gauntlet match to get Kofi a World Title match is something you never really see. Two guys working to get another guy an opportunity. After all these years we're as tight as ever, and I couldn't be more grateful for those guys."

It's now been several weeks since Big E defeated Bobby Lashley to win the WWE Championship. His victory has been positively received and Big E has been over the moon about the reaction from fans and peers.

"I was extremely humbled," Big E said. "Everyone was so kind. In many ways I still see myself as a failed former football player who was very lucky just to get signed. It's a very humbling. I got the opportunity to find my place in the world. I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. And that's beautiful. So many people work their entire lives towards something and they don't feel fulfilled in it. They don't feel, you never find what is your lane. And I found it. I feel like I found my purpose, and I'm so grateful for that. And I'm also grateful for the ability to grow. I think too often times, in our industry too, we see guys, men and women, when they're greener and they're younger, we don't give them that opportunity to move beyond that, to continue to grow.

"I feel like I've been able to make those leaps over the time. Winning the title has meant so much to me. But the outpouring of love and from so many people. Getting it from fans is awesome, and that's the goal too. But you know also how special it is to hear it from people you've been watching for years that you have tons of respect for. Some of the very best in the industry. When they take the time to say 'good job' or whatever it is, to be kind. That's the stuff that's really humbling to me. And so many people, in the company or outside the company, also took time, whether it was a tweet or a text or whatever. Man, it's beyond humbling to me."

One thing Big E doesn't feel now that he's one of the top champions in WWE is more pressure. Rather, he feels a responsibility to continue to make WWE RAW or Smackdown the best shows he can whenever he appears.

"I don't feel a certain pressure. I guess it's more of a responsibility," Big E said. "For me, I think we have the roster, and obviously the rosters are shifting with the draft. But on both shows, regardless, I think we have an incredible roster. I don't feel a certain pressure, I feel more of a responsibility to keep making the show the best it can."

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