Chelsea Green Discusses Negativity On Social Media, How It “Ruins Entire Careers”

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio with fiancée Matt Cardona, wrestler Chelsea Green talked about her recent appearance in GCW, where she helped Cardona win back the Internet Championship. Green is approaching her GCW run with the same attitude she had when she worked for Impact and Lucha Underground prior to signing with WWE.


"I feel like I've always had that attitude," Green said. "I definitely lost that kind of passion and the confidence for a couple of years when I was signed. But before that, this is exactly the same thing I was doing before. I was trying to make moments for myself, and those moments translate over to social media and to the dirtsheets. And then the fans think you're a star when you might not have done anything. I did nothing as the Impact Knockout's Champion. I did diddly f*****g squat. But people were always talking about the moments I had as the Hot Mess.

"And then I went to Lucha Underground, and I did two weeks there. I did a total of four days, and people still talk about the match I had with Pentagon. It doesn't matter if you do ten years or two days, you just have to make a moment of that time that you have in the ring."


Green also talked about the negativity that social media occasionally brings and how to combat against it. For her, it's taking time to think before responding to someone, as the wrong response could have ramifications for one's career. She also compared how she handles social media to how Cardona does.

"I already know Matt is going to say he doesn't care," Green said. "And I get that. I never thought I was sensitive. But in this weird world, yes, you do have to think for just a split second 'is this going to ruin my entire career?' Because we've seen that. In 2020 we saw. People lost not only their jobs, they lost their partner, they lost their homes, they lost any opportunity to be in the entertainment industry. And that's real. That's not just fake f*****g Twitter world. That's real life. Perception is reality on Twitter, so you have to be social careful. Do what you want to do, but I feel you just have to give it that extra thought in 2021. 'Will this ruin my whole f*****g life?'

"We are humans and so of course, when we see that one negative comment, that's going to get to us. It's just a matter of how you respond. Do you respond? Well he (Cardona) f*****g responds! I try not to respond but he'll always respond!"


Green was asked how often she has to restrain herself on social media. She responded by saying every single day, and gave an example of refraining from tweeting at an NXT star earlier in the day.

"Every day," Green said. "If not, ten times today. It's 11:11 and I have already deleted one Tweet to an NXT star today. Let me just say that. It's already been erased. That's one thing that Matt has taught me. You can't be a tweeter and deleter. You've got to keep it up."

"It lives forever. If you tweeted it, keep it up," Cardona chimed it. "It's there. It's worse if you delete it. If it's out there, just keep it. Once you delete it's the news and 'oh my god, they deleted this tweet.'"

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