Dan Lambert Talks ATT’s Kayla Harrison Being “Anti-Pro Wrestling” Ahead Of AEW Appearance

American Top Team's Dan Lambert recently spoke with the Miami Herald's Jim Varsallone ahead of the 2021 PFL World Championship. Headlining the event will be two-time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison who will look to capture the Women's Lightweight Championship once again. Lambert discussed Harrison's fast rise in MMA.


"As a fighter, she's amazing," Lambert stated. "She's a beast physically. She's a beast mentally. She's a beast when it comes to training, and putting in the work and listening to our coaches. She's a force, and she's only been doing this for a few short years and she's still getting better every day. You take the Kayla that won the tournament last year, and if you put her in a fight right now against the Kayla that's getting ready to go on to the finals this year, that last year Kayla would absolutely get destroyed. She's that much better. The learning curve is still going high, and she's going to be a force for a while."

Harrison made a one-time appearance in AEW along with other ATT fighters. Lambert talked about how Harrison did in her first pro wrestling appearance, and discussed if Harrison has a future in pro wrestling.


"For someone who was pretty much anti-pro wrestling when it started, it took her a total about four seconds after walking out there, and start flexing her muscles, and kissing her biceps and telling fans to go jump in the ocean, and she had a blast," Lambert said. "She had a lot of fun, and actually, there were a lot of people talking about her afterwards saying, 'This girl's got a future in wrestling if she ever decides to go that way,' but I think she's got a lot of things she wants to achieve in MMA first."

Harrison has come out recently and noted her dislike for pro wrestling and her disinterest in returning to AEW. She called pro wrestlers "a bunch of nerds and losers." Someone from ATT who has expressed a desire to get back in the ring is Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos made his AEW in-ring debut on the main event of Rampage, and Lambert gave a review for how Dos Santos did in his first ever pro wrestling match.

"I think he took to it like a fish to water," Lambert described. "He was out there in a main event on national television, live, against some of the biggest names in the business, and I think he did more than hold his own. I thought he did great. He was very well received, and I think he's got a future in that business if that's what he's looking to do. He's looking to do some boxing, maybe get back and do some MMA and do some professional wrestling but said he's having the time of his life doing it."


Other ATT fighters that have stood out for AEW fans have been Jorge Masvidal and Paige VanZant. Masvidal who have gotten physical in the ring, hitting a running knee strike on Chris Jerich. VanZant has been front and center on camera during ATT beatdowns as well. Lambert spoke more on the futures of his fighters in pro wrestling.

"I think JDS is already doing pretty well in wrestling, so I'll leave him out because I think he's already proven himself in there, and I think you're gonna see more of him in there," Lambert said. "Paige VanZant gets a ridiculous reaction. She just has a lot of charisma. A lot of people like her. A lot of people hate her, and a lot of people like to hate her. So I think she could do big things if she decided to go that route. Masvidal, he's got so much presence he can do just about anything he ever wants, whether it's promote fights, go in and fight, do professional wrestling.

"I mean, I could see that guy doing just about anything he wanted to do, and Kayla, like I said, she's kind of a monster and a beast in just about everything she does. She's the best female judoka or best judoka of all time coming out of the United States. She's undefeated in MMA getting ready to win her her second PFL championship, knock on wood, and I think she could have a future in wrestling too. But like I said before, I think she's got a lot of things she wants to do in the world of MMA first."


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Jim Varsallone with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.