Jeff Hardy Names The Two WWE Stars He Most Wants To Work With

On the latest episode of the Out of Character Podcast, Jeff Hardy joined the show to talk about his interest in becoming a heel in WWE. The Enigma was one of WWE's biggest baby face talents during his time with the company, having only turned heel for a short period in 2003 that quickly was dropped.

"Yeah, it's really hard to make people hate me, but it would be done in a different way. But it would definitely be something that I've never dove into before."

During his time with IMPACT Wrestling, Hardy dabbled in other characters including Willow, a masked alter ego of the Jeff Hardy character dressed in black, silver, and white. Hardy teased bringing Willow to WWE previously, and spoke about how he's always wanted to debut it in WWE.

"I would be lying if I said that I don't think about Willow all the time," Hardy said. "Especially when I saw the theme in real life and how cool that was, so that naturally got my wheels spinning. I've always talked about bringing Willow into WWE with a black wedding dress and all these images I had in my head. He looks awesome and he can do all this cool stuff in the ring, but where does it go? Where is the longevity of it all? That's what I'm still trying to figure out in my imagination."

The Enigma spoke about being drafted to SmackDown in the latest WWE Draft, and how he's looking forward to wrestling on the blue brand. Hardy mentioned why he thinks it's a great thing for him to be on SmackDown, and naming The Bloodline and Roman Reigns as his favorite potential dream matches.

"I am looking forward to just a two hour show and being back on SmackDown," Hardy said. "I'm a big fan of The Bloodline and what they're doing now. It's just so exciting– the Usos and Roman Reigns. I'm going to have a little momentum making this change, so it's super exciting with what's possible with me. I think SmackDown is going to be a good thing for me, a great thing.

"When people ask me about dream matches, I've been saying [a match with Roman Reigns] like a maniac. I could see the beauty in the match when I envisioned it in my head, how powerful it could be because his stuff is so powerful and strong.

"Another, I think Kevin Owens got drafted to RAW, but that's another guy that I've never worked with. Other than that, I've done pretty much everything I've dreamt of doing."

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