Rene Dupree Responds To Bully Ray’s Comments About Slapping Sylvain Grenier In WWE

On the October 5 episode of Busted Open Radio, co-hosts Bully Ray and Mark Henry drew a mixed reaction when discussing the culture of bullying during their heyday back in the 2000's. In particular, Bully's drew the ire of fans when he discussed an incident involving him and former WWE wrestler Sylvain Grenier following a match they had. Bully said he slapped Grenier after he complained about how rough he was in the ring, noting that he was green and not used to it.

On the eighth episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, former WWE star and Grenier's partner in La Resistance, Rene Dupree, responded to Bully's comments. Never one to shy away on an opinion, Dupree did not hold back in his critique of the two time Hall of Famer, comparing Bully to a South Park character while mocking his weight.

"Blubber Ray Dudley is the real live version of Eric Cartman," Dupree said. "If he doesn't get his way, he b*****s and moans and whines like a child. He said that La Resistance was the s***s and they were green. The Dudley Boys had one set match routine that they did over and over and over again, right? It wasn't your standard psychology, it was smoke and mirrors. It was working for pops, as we say. They had some Gaga, and the exclamation point was what? 'D-Von get the tables! Same old s**t, that's why they were there for five years. Understand. Yeah, you couldn't tell Blubber.

"If you were to say 'Mark [LoMonaco, Bully's real name], 20 minutes, this guy over a sunset flip,' he wouldn't know whether the wind his ass or scratch his watch. He does not know how to do that. I can do that. My first five or 600 matches in the arenas we had separate locker rooms, working for my dad, that's the way I learned understand1. The problem with Mark is that he's just that; he's a mark. He's a mark for himself. His ego cost him more opportunities than anything. And he knows it. And what he did the Sly (Sylvain Grenier), he punched him in the mouth and bloodied his nose. And then when Sly calmly said 'hey man, come on. Take it easy', he slapped him across the face. That was his nail in his coffin. You know why? Because Sly was Pat Patterson's boy. That's all I have to say about that."

Bully Ray has yet to publicly respond to Dupree's comments.

You can watch the full video below.