Renee Paquette Criticizes The Undertaker Introducing Pitbull In Saudi Arabia

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Renee Paquette talked about the Undertaker introducing recording artist Pitbull at a concert in Saudi Arabia. It's a move that Paquette isn't a fan of, mostly because of the giant differences between himself and Pitbull.

"I just feel it should've been somebody else introducing him," Paquette said. "I feel like seeing the Undertaker, in the big black hat, in full Undertaker gear, introducing 'the 305, the Grammy Award Winning artist.' Bringing on Pitbull that way, I feel it could've been somebody else. I don't know what the full crew is that is in Saudi Arabia right now, but I feel like maybe somebody else could've been better for that job. Not that Undertaker did a bad job, that's not what I'm saying. I feel like it could've just been a great, happy go lucky babyface. Maybe, I don't know, who from the New Day is there? That's what we want. That's how you want to involve Pitbull in the show in Saudi Arabia."

Paquette's criticisms don't come as a knock against Undertaker, who she remains a huge fan of. But she does believe moves like this have done a disservice to Taker's legacy, similar to his numerous returns to the ring long after injuries had ended his prime.

"I love the Undertaker as much as everybody else. Huge fan," Paquette said. "But did we already kind of start to lose a little bit of that mystique with the retired, not retired, he's back in the ring and we're seeing him in these unfavorable situations. Have we already done that? It needs to stop, I think it needs to stop. We all have little goldfish brains; we can forget things and we want to remember The Undertaker as The Undertaker. I think we can all get back to that to a certain degree. If you keep doing these things, it's kind of hard to get back to that. I don't want to believe that the Undertaker knows who Pitbull is. The Undertaker introducing Megadeath or Slayer or Metallica, I can get on board with that. It is just the position of different genres that I'm just not down to clown with. I don't like it."

Paquette was asked if her issues with Undertaker introducing Pitbull may have something to do with a generational gap between her and newer fans who may not mind the fact. She conceded that could be the case.

"It could be," Paquette said. "I guess maybe it could be. I don't know. But I think anyone who is a wrestling fan, and wrestling fans love to know the history of things, love to know the ins and outs of all their favorite characters. I do understand the social media side of things and having the documentaries and being able to see little glimpses into these superstar's real lives and whatnot. I get the lure of that. But let's protect things a little bit. That's what the business is about, right? Protecting these things, keeping these characters larger than life. I don't want the Undertaker to be on the same level as me. He's the Undertaker. He's much better and cooler than me."

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