Teil Rhodes Responds To Having “Issues And Drama” With Brandi Rhodes

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Teil Rhodes talked about Rhodes to the Top, the reality TV series focusing on her brother and sister-in-law, AEW stars Cody and Brandi Rhodes. A fan favorite after just one episode, Rhodes revealed she was hesitant to appear on the show at first.

"Some of the subject matter was, I felt, kind of well treaded," Rhodes said, explaining her hesitation. "Dustin, Dusty, some of that stuff which we do talk about on that show. I haven't seen them all, so I'm not sure what they used. But it felt a little heavy, and some industry kind of people that I'm close to kind of gave me some advice, like, 'you really need to be careful about what you reveal about your family because they're going to use it all.'"

With most reality shows, the question is how much of the show is reality and how much of it is scripted. According to Rhodes, the bulk of Rhodes to the Top is based in reality.

"I would say almost all of it," Rhodes said. "We overshare in general. That's kind of our (thing), wear your heart on your sleeve. We all have that, my siblings, and me, and my dad to a certain extent. So we were already open about what we went through after he passed and drama with other wrestling companies. So there was no point, you couldn't stuff that all back in. It was already out there."

Rhodes was also asked about the relationship between her and her sister-in-law, admitting there has been tension in her relationship with Brandi. Nevertheless, she insists the two are in a better place these days.

"Me and Brandi are definitely in a better place now," Rhodes said. "But a lot of the stuff between her and I on the show is a lot of growing pains from some things that we kind of had, issues, drama that we had early on in their marriage. We tried to squash it a bunch of times, but all those little things just kept kind of building. And when I was first contacted about the show, they already knew all my business. I was surprised by that. I was like, 'okay, wow.' You kind of have to be like, 'well, they already know.'

"I'm always honest. There's some things you're not proud of, but you just got to deal with it. It's better now, we're in a better place now. But watching, I didn't watch the shows, I didn't see the footage that was used. And as soon as she said that about the Rhodes name line, I was like, 'well, off to the races', you know?"

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