The IInspiration Release Sultry New Music Video

Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay have released a new music video with Harley Cameron, entitled "The IInspiration."

Previously known as The IIconics, the duo will be going forward as The IInspiration. McKay spoke to Busted Open earlier this month about the name change.

"I think it's the perfect evolution, because The IIconics were somewhat seen as a comedy tag team," McKay said. "There's nothing wrong with that, we loved doing that. But we never really– for a brief time, we got to show both sides of our competitiveness and comedy. But I feel like The IInspiration is taking that to a whole other level. We have full creative control from our outfits, from our hair and makeup, to our entrance music that we got professionally done. We have a music video dropping. We've gone all out and created this whole world for The IInspiration. And I'm so in love with it, and I am so excited for people to see what we've come up with. Because it really is the evolution of The IIconics."

The two were released from WWE back in April of this year.

As noted, they have since signed with Impact Wrestling and will make their debut at this Saturday's Bound for Glory PPV. Lee and McKay are scheduled to take on Decay's Havok and Rosemary for the Impact Knockouts Tag Titles.

You can check out the full video below.