Tony Khan Talks Leaked Photo Of His AEW Notes During NFL Game

Earlier this week, photos of Tony Khan holding what appeared to be ideas for the card of AEW Full Gear, AEW's next PPV in November, began to circulate on the internet. In his weekly appearance on Busted Open Radio, Khan confirmed the picture we legit, but stopped short of confirming that would in fact be the Full Gear card.

"This weekend when I was at the Jags game at halftime, I was doodling on my notebook," Khan said. "And I saw that a lot of people had taken notice some of the notes in my notebook, which is pretty amazing, because when you're walking around with small notes you never think that photographers are going to capture writing you've written down. I'm glad it wasn't anything more personal. But it's funny. People run with assumptions on the internet these days, and I've seen all these people jumping to conclusions like 'oh that must be the full Full Gear card.'

"And it's true, I announced on Barstool that Kenny vs. Hangman is the main event we've all been waiting for for Full Gear. It's going to be a huge PPV event, and Kenny vs. Hangman is absolutely huge. But I don't know. I was just kind of messing around with different ideas, playing around with stuff. It's like scratching around and it's all written in pencil and it's been erased. There may be things there that you do see. But that people were able to zoom in on that, I was surprised by it, but I also wasn't thrown by it or confused by it. Its gotten a lot of buzz. But there's some differences there, so I was just very amused by that viral story."

Khan moved on to putting over the AEW fan base. Calling them the best fan base in the world, he talked about how he was being approached by new fans everywhere he went and how he hopes it contributes to the success of the AEW Rampage Buy In, Rampage itself and a special AEW Saturday Dynamite tonight.

"They're great fans. They're really the best fans in the world," Khan said. "I see them and try to tell them that all the time. It's amazing, wherever you go now, AEW has gotten so big. I'm taking photos and meeting new fans and asking them their names wherever I go. It's amazing how much people love AEW. I hope people can find the Buy In tonight, and the people that are watching the Buy In, hopefully we can convert all those people over to watching the live Rampage on TNT tonight. We haven't done anything quite like that, but I think it can work. It's a cool experiment, and I couldn't come up with a more fun test case to try it out with than putting Danielson vs. Suzuki on the Buy In tonight. I think it's going to be great. Hopefully we make some new fans and convert those people over to watch Rampage over live tonight on TNT, and Dynamite live tomorrow on TNT."

Busted Open host Dave LaGreca asked if there was any truth to AEW wanting more of a party atmosphere from their audience, in contract to WWE's more controlled environment at their shows. Khan confirmed that was the case.

"Yeah, absolutely," Khan said. "I grew up watching Friday wrestling like we're going to have tonight and I grew up on ECW and it was a party on Friday nights. It was absolutely wild. And we have more fans coming to our shows, we have bigger stars wrestling for us, and just the hype as far as success and marketability and all these things that ECW was never able to parlay. But absolutely, they laid the ground for us in terms of having the kind of hardcore, spoiled fans that loved to party. And also it's a lot easier to make new fans when they see how fun it is to watch the shows. I think that's why we have this young, engaged audience. It's a huge part of what makes AEW a great TV product."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio and provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription