Top Dolla Reveals The WWE Match He Would Love To Have

WWE star and Hit Row member Top Dolla appeared on the Jobbing Out podcast to talk about being drafted to Smackdown in the WWE Draft, and making his debut alongside the rest of Hit Row. Given that they had already been drafted and were at Smackdown when it occurred, the official TV debut last week wasn't a nerve wracking thing for Top Dolla.

"To be honest with you, when we got drafted while we were at Smackdown, I was like 'Oh, okay. That's me now,'" Top Dolla said. "I'm already past the, 'I can't believe this.' Now it's like 'it's money season', you know what I'm saying?"

Later the discussion focused on potential dream matches for Top Dolla, including ones with John Cena, Roman Reigns, and The Rock. Top Dolla brought up how some fans on social media pointed out how he was likely to lose those matches, something that's fine with him because being in the ring with stars like that is enough.

"Let's be 100% honest here, if you're in the ring with Roman Reigns, you're winning," Top Dolla said. "Even if you're not winning, you're winning being in the ring with Roman Reigns."

Taking Rock, Cena, and Reigns off the board, Top Dolla was then asked which matches he would like to have the most. While the other hosts named stars like Bobby Lashley, Sheamus, Cesaro, Viking Raiders, and Kevin Owens, Top Dolla himself gave four answers, all featuring stars that are on the Smackdown brand only.

"The first person I would really want to face that's on the Smackdown roster is Sami Zayn," Top Dolla said. "That's because I've been a Sami Zayn fan forever. I've been a Sami Zayn fan before he was Sami Zayn. But yeah, Sami Zayn first. I think, when you talk about the best people on the mic in WWE today, he's at the top of that list. He's one of the best performers on the mic, bar none. So I would love to just be able to go back forth with him on the mic and in the ring.  I've already had multiple matches with this person in the Performance Center, and he's just me in the instance that he can do a lot of cool stuff in the ring, but his character stuff is what really makes him shine, that is Rick Boogz.

"I would love to face Rick Boogz on Smackdown. We've had us some really cool matches in the PC because he's one of the few people that is actually strong enough, without my assistance, to do a move on me. Those are few and far between. I would love to wrestle him. I literally can't wait and it could be with Swerve or Ashante, it could be either one as my partner, but you know, I've got to see The Usos and The New Day. I need that like I need air in my lungs. For real for real, the match I would love, if we could find a way to pull it off, would be all three members of Hit Row vs. all three members of New Day vs. all three members of Bloodline. That's a match for you."

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