Top Dolla On Feud With The Young Bucks: “They Let Their Twitter Minions Gas Them Up”

On a recent episode of his podcast Jobbing Out with Glenn Clark and Brandon Linton, "Top Dolla" AJ Francis took the time to address his Twitter feud with The Young Bucks. The Twitter back and forth eventually led to Top Dolla releasing a diss track, and he summed up the whole situation from the past week.

"Just like Wu Tang Clan would say in the words of the immortal prophets, Hit Row ain't nothin to f*ckwit," Top Dolla said. "You can play these little high school games you want to play, and the craziest part to me about the whole situation is I wasn't talking to anybody in particularly, but as I mentioned in the video, hit dog will holler. And like I mentioned in the one of the tweets that really pissed them off, is that they'll tell on themselves, and that's exactly what happened and then they got told on about themselves."

The Young Bucks are known to update their bio to either take some shots at people or crack a few jokes. In their response to Top Dolla, The Young Bucks took a shot at NXT and they took credit for making Top Dolla trend on Twitter. Top Dolla revealed what his responses were to those shots.

"The craziest part about all of this is I used to go watch them cats, and they just got in their feelings because they let their Twitter minions gas them up," Top Dolla stated. "And they realized very quickly, I'm not the one to play with. The thing is, to me, when they first did the NXT bio, I was like, oh, that's rude. I'm not even in NXT anymore, and I know that you know that. So for you to do that, kind of felt like you were saying I should still be in NXT or you just want to sh*t on NXT for no reason, which is A, disrespectful and B, unnecessary.

"But even that I was like, you know what, I don't feel like dealing with these Twitter people. I'm gonna let these boys slide, then they updated the bio again, and it said, 'We'll make you trend just by mentioning you in our bio.' And I took that personally. I was like, oh, okay. That's a very interesting comment because to me, I read that as, you're a nobody, and we could make you popular.

"But in reality, them boys could never make Hit Row like I did. So to say that to me is wild and very disrespectful. So I had to let them know I'm not the one to play with, and these are not games that we play. I don't play around with my name and my peoples. So everyone in the wrestling business learned a lesson that day, and it's sad that it had to be them boys to teach everybody a lesson. But now, people know that Top Dolla is not one to be trifled with,"

Top Dolla was later asked what motivated him to release his diss track. He also revealed how quickly he got the track and the music video made.

"Anger is the correct answer," Top Dolla stated. "I got home at midnight. I pulled into my driveway, and I was like, huh, you know what'd be really funny and I looked up that Young Buck beat. I wrote the verse in about five minutes. Luckily, I have a professional studio in my house because Top Dolla is not just a name, it's my game, and I recorded the song and shot the video in said studio. And it went to sleep, woke up and posted it when I woke up."

Top Dolla then pointed something that was significant to him about the situation. He also talked about the reaction he has received as well.

"I got a bunch of big interviews," Top Dolla noted. "Really think about this, I've probably trended 20 times in my life, but every time that happened, it was AJ Francis. This is the first time it was Top Dolla, so to be the topic of discussion in professional wrestling, a lot of people can't handle that pressure, but you know me, I feel like I should have been here a long time ago. Other people will take that as, oh, he's arrogant. No, I believe in myself, homeboy just like all the best have ever done. I believe in myself. You know why I believe I'm really good at this because I made Hit Row, and wrestling has been around 100 years and nobody's ever made nothing like Hit Row."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Jobbing Out with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.