A-Kid Vs. Sam Gradwell & Tag Team Action scheduled for next week's WWE NXT UK

Two matches have been officially announced for next week's episode of WWE NXT UK.

In the first contest, the former Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid will collide with Sam Gradwell. Then in tag team action, Teoman and Rohan Raja will settle the score with Gallus' Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.

Last week, Gradwell made it clear that he's sick and tired of the publicity A-Kid has received since joining the UK brand. This week, A-Kid confronted Gradwell and proposed to settle this animosity in the ring. A-Kid will look to redeem his most recent loss last month from an NXT UK Championship match against current champion Ilja Dragunov. On the other side of things, Gradwell will try to maintain his winning streak after a successful bout with Mark Andrews in July.

As for Teoman and Raja, their goal is to prove their partnership is much stronger than Gallus. For weeks, these two teams have been battling for supremacy on who's the most family-oriented unit.