Arn Anderson Says “I Have Never Carried A Gun On My Person” Following Infamous AEW Promo

On the latest episode of the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson spoke about his infamous "glock promo" on AEW Dynamite several weeks ago. For those unaware, Anderson cut a promo on Cody Rhodes following his failures against Malakai Black several weeks ago where he said this:

"There's two big differences between you & I, Cody. If you pull up to a red light and a man jerks your car door open and tries to take your car, you'd say, 'Okay, take it. Just don't hurt me.' You know what I'd do? I'd pull out the glock, put it on his forehead and spill his brains all over the concrete. I'm Arn Anderson, and I'd be damned if I'm going to coach a loser."

The promo led to Anderson getting a "glock" shirt and got many superstars, including CM Punk, to talk about it on social media. Anderson described the meaning behind the promo and why he was so graphic in trying to get his point across to Rhodes.

"That was meant to be a metaphor," Anderson said. "And to let everyone know that I am through being a victim. I've had enough and I am not a victim, I am a predator. I just used a very extreme example, I don't carry a gun, I have never carried a gun on my person. It was meant to be what it was and I think the shock value was the 'spilling of the brains, painting the sidewalk with the brains,' which is what I think had everybody go 'whoa, okay alright.' 99% of everything I read or saw understood don't take it literally, people got it."

Arn also mentioned that guns aren't a part of his everyday life but does agree that you should protect yourself at times. For those wondering if this means Anderson would allow someone to take his car if threatened, the former Four Horsemen member issued a warning to anyone who would try.

"I would still suggest don't jerk my door open and say you're going to take my car," Arn said. "Let's just say, guns are not a part of my everyday thought process or life but I do agree that sometimes you have to protect what's yours. A car door getting opened with some torque on it right on your knee caps, that will probably change your afternoon around a little bit."

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