Backstage News On Why The Rock Did Not Appear At WWE Survivor Series

Despite the fact it was the 25th anniversary of The Rock's debut at Survivor Series, he did not make an appearance at the PPV last night. WWE did promote the anniversary heavily in the build, and at the show itself but the WWE legend wasn't to be seen.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that it would not have been possible for The Rock to appear. The reason for that was due to him being overseas in Europe at the moment doing a movie. He was not able to travel due to Covid-19 quarantine restrictions.

However, it was also mentioned that The Rock was never officially booked for the show. WWE never advertised him to appear despite mentioning him regularly.

Even though The Rock himself was not present at the show, there were a lot of references to him. WWE aired regular video packages with moments from his past performances at Survivor Series.

As well as that, there was The Rock's 25th Anniversary branded battle royal, which was won by Omos. WWE also had Cleopatra's egg from his latest movie, Red Notice, appear. Vince McMahon claimed he was gifted it by The Rock himself, only for it to be stolen.

That storyline is set to continue tonight on Monday Night Raw when both rosters will be present, with the WWE Chairman looking to get to the bottom of who stole it.