Big E On WWE Stars Going Off-Script At Times

Big E spoke to Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM about the finances that wrestlers receive for their work. He reflected on how much he earned with his original contract but discussed how high that can rise, as he also spoke about the merchandise that The New Day has had.

"When I was with WWE, I got signed in 2009, so I was under WWE contract but I wasn't on TV. So I was signed to the developmental system, and at that time, I am making $500 a week, so we are talking about $26,000 a year. I'm not making much money. I actually moved with my folks. The money definitely went up for me when I got to the main roster. We have certain people who will be making $300,000, we also have certain people who are making millions of dollars. I am fortunate enough to be taken care of. Yeah, we have an actual cereal, it's wild that people know the Booty O's but don't know me. I don't know if the picture is real, but God bless his soul, a few years ago, there was a picture of DMX with a Booty O's box."

Big E spoke about the importance of promos when asked about whether Goldberg could cut one, and he noted that it is an important aspect of the business.

"I think, and this is not me talking about Goldberg specifically, but I get it. I think sometimes you can kind of ruin the mystique by opening your mouth sometimes, and we definitely have talent like that. But I think, to become a big star, you need to be good on the mic. We have a few people who aren't great on the mic that became big stars. It's a different system now. Back in the day, the stuff that The Rock got away with, it was also a different era. And I'm not saying, 'I could be the next Rock if they gave me freedom,' I'm not saying that at all. But it's different, it's more scripted  and we have corporate and sponsorships to worry about. But you're right, it's a huge part of what we do"

Going off-script in wrestling is something that has been talked about a lot recently due to the situation regarding Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on SmackDown last week. However, Big E insisted that nobody has ever gone off-script to him, as discussed the need to have trust.

"It does happen. It hasn't happened with me; people have a bit of respect for me. That's a big part of what we do too, people often ask, 'do you get along with people in the locker room?' I say, 'yeah, for the most part, pretty much everyone,' it's just like any other workplace. But there is a certain level of trust you have with someone in what we do because it is entertainment, and I have to trust you're not going to dump me on my head and break my neck. So, you respect me, I respect you, we take care of each other and go home to our families, pay our bills, and move on with our lives."

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