Big E Says WWE HOFer Was “Annoyed” By His Comments About Him

During a brief interview with RN Pro Wrestling, WWE Champion Big E spoke about several things including his NXT run where he used the infamous 5-count to defeat his opponents. The New Day member spoke about the uniqueness of the count and mentioned that he'd love to bring it back and use it on the main roster.

"I mean if it's up to me yeah, but I don't make the decisions around here," Big E said. "I do miss the 5-count. It was near and dear to my heart and it was also the first thing that I did in wrestling that I felt was special and unique. Shout out to King Kong Bundy, the legend, who I stole that from. Yes, it was a lot of fun in NXT and I miss you dearly 5-count, come back to me, please."

Fellow New Day member Xavier Woods spoke about the bond between the three members of the group and about people calling him the third wheel. Big E was asked whether or not we will ever see The New Day break up.

"No, no, no, we've talked about this before and I think we'd be giggling the whole time," Big E said. "Imagine me putting a headlock on Kofi, I would just be laughing like 'Kofi I gotchu in a headlock, ain't it funny.' There's so many other things that we can do as a collective together against other people, no one really wants to see that."

A few years ago, Big E cut a promo during The New Day: Feel the Power Podcast on Goldberg and how he wanted a match with the WWE Hall of Famer. Now that he's WWE Champion, Big E said the prospects of a match is very possible and would like to be the one to retire the former WCW Champion.

"When I cut that nonsensical promo on our podcast, the likelihood to me was like 2.5% tops," Big E said. "But now that I hold this dearly beloved WWE Championship, it's all possible. I would like to see that happen, that would be incredible. Imagine Goldberg's last match [against me], I met this man at an in store signing in Tampa when I was a kid in the late 90s. That's just wildly full circle, 25 years or so later that I can possibly [put him down]. I think he was a little annoyed, I mentioned putting him down like Old Yeller and I don't know if he took too kindly to that comment. Let's relax the putting down, just a nice match, no one will be put down and everyone will live after."

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