Bobby Fish Claims He Has Not Spoken With Adam Cole Since Joining AEW

On a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone sat down with multi-time tag team champion Bobby Fish. Fish is nearly a 20-year veteran in the pro wrestling business, and he made his WWE debut in 2017. He recalled his past efforts to try to get to WWE.

"I had a couple flirtations, tryouts. One I remember was in the Meadowlands, and I did really well, but then things didn't come through," Fish recalled. "And then I did a dark match way back when I had first started with NOAH. I remember I worked Harry Smith, and that was in Rochester. There was another thing, I don't remember. I know that when Tommy Dreamer was doing some talent relations and when Dean Malenko was doing some talent relations stuff, I had two encounters that I thought went really well, but then it didn't come through. When that last time started to surface, things fell into place correctly. I guess the timing, timing kind of dictates all of it."

Fish was soon paired with long-time tag team partner Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole to form the Undisputed Era. Once the group added Roderick Strong to the mix, they were an unrivaled force in NXT, and Fish talked about what it was like to work with the Undisputed Era.

"It was like never going to work. It was like going to hang out with my buddies," Fish said. "Some of the production people would joke with us, 'Man, we do it one or two takes,' which was true, but we did it in one or two takes because it was literally just hanging out riffing with my buddies. These are three of my best friends, so there was nothing fabricated about it. It was easy and fun."

The Undisputed Era stayed together as a group for four years. They each held a title belt at the same time, and Schiavone asked if they were so successful because they were all friends in real life.

"I think that's one of the bigger things, and we've all had similar paths and we knew each other as well as we did," Fish noted. "Not to mention, we knew each other's backstory in similar ways. We were similar guys and had similar journeys and weren't willing to take no for an answer. There's not one of us that's over six foot. We're not the prototypical, at least it would be suggested, what they're looking for. We all were cut from very similar cloth and just being such good friends, the chemistry was instant and real."

Fish made his AEW debut on Dynamite a month after Cole made his AEW debut at All Out. In the fan questions portion of the podcast, a fan asked what Cole said when Fish made his AEW debut.

"He didn't say anything to me," Fish revealed. "We haven't talked yet."

"There's a lot of us backstage, man," Edwards pointed out. "We're all a little busy. He's hanging out with his girlfriend that Tony is not hanging out with anymore."

"Yeah, Adam acts like he doesn't know me," Fish added.

Fish has shown in AEW that he is an accomplished singles wrestler along with being a tag team specialist. Fish and O'Reilly have won many tag team titles across various promotions, and he talked about if fans could see a reDRagon reunion anytime soon. It was recently reported that O'Reilly's contract is set to expire soon.

"Kyle, and I still talk. We are definitely still close," Fish stated. "Like we said at the top of this conversation, pro wrestling is strange in that way where you see some of the same people daily or weekly for X number of years and then things shift, and you don't see that person anymore for a little while, but you never know when you're going to cross paths again and what that frequency is going to be. And we'll see. I feel like Kyle, Adam, Roddy, myself, however many years we've all had in the wrestling industry, we've all found a way to cross paths repeatedly."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit AEW Unrestricted with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.