Bryan Danielson Reveals Pro Wrestling Move Brie Bella Cannot Use In The Bedroom

AEW star Bryan Danielson joined The Bellas Podcast, hosted by his wife, Brie Bella, and sister-in-law Nikki Bella, to talk about his move from WWE to AEW. After Brie talked about giving Danielson the space to come up with the decision, he confirmed she did just that and also took people through his own thought process regarding the move.


"I will tell you that Brie was all of those things," Danielson said. "She was very good about not pressuring me either way. Because it would be very easy to say 'hey, it would be a lot easier for my career if you just stayed where you're at.' But I will say this; I want to put her over and say yes she was great about that. But she's also very impatient with me, because I'm a slow decision maker. So I'd be like 'well, I think this.' And then what really blew her mind, that was just really hard on her, when it was towards the end I was like 'you know, I don't even know if I want to go back to wrestling.' I didn't want to be done wrestling. It would be like I wouldn't sign anywhere and wrestle if I wanted to, when I wanted to.


"But also it would be until Buddy kind of goes to pre-school, the way Birdie is now. That was one of the things I wanted, the summer off before Birdie goes to pre-school so I could be with her every day. Because I've never gotten to be with her every day. I love being a dad. So it's just that thing. But then it's weird because there's a little bit of a wrestling war right now, so there's never been a better time to be a free agent since I've been a wrestler. Since the late 90's since there was WCW and WWE kind of going to war. There's never been a better time from a financial perspective to be a wrestler. I can only imagine Brie's frustration where I was like 'yeah, I'll just turn down all the money and I'll just be a dad! I'll just be your pool boy, and we don't have a pool!'"

At one point Bryan Danielson also showed off his chest to Nikki, showing off the wounds from his recent match with Eddie Kingston on AEW Rampage. Danielson then went on to explain why he enjoys receiving chops during a match.

"Part of me, because you know me, I'm not competitive at all. Not competitive at all," Danielson said. "But there's something about the physical nature of wrestling that just makes me feel alive. The chops, a lot of people hate getting chopped because it does hurt. For whatever reason, I don't hate it. It makes me feel things. It's not even a rush, it's just like a sensory experience. I can close my eyes right now, think of the thing, and experience the vibration of the crowd's reaction."


One place where Bryan Danielson doesn't liked to be chopped though is in the bedroom. He revealed as such when Brie joked about chopping him during their private time.

"No no no no," Danielson said with a laugh. "There's people who are super into that. I don't want to take anything away from them, but that's other people's thing. I experience enough pain in my regular life that I do not want it in the bedroom."

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